Major WWE NXT Spoiler

Bo Dallas beat Big E Langston at this week's WWE NXT tapings to win the NXT Championship. We're working on getting full taping results and hope to have them online shortly.

  • Smart Mark

    Makes sense considering Big E is set for a push on the main roster some time in the future.

  • thepowerserge

    Feels like a step down to me, since this is the kid who eliminated several “superstars” from this year’s Royal Rumble. He followed that up with a decent program with Wade Barrett and just when it seemed like we had ourselves a genuine 2013 version of the 1-2-3 Kid, POOF! he disappears from our TV screens. I, for one, would’ve preferred he go on a fairly decent winning streak and top it off with a belt…hey, the Intercontinental one is being traded around like bad currency these days, How about giving it to a promising young rookie like Mr. Dallas and using it for its original purpose: to elevate up and coming young guys into the main event. Nope, let’s just send him back to the minors and rely on the short attention spans and memories of our audience. Then we can repackage him with an idiotic name we can own. Sounds like a plan…