Major WWE Shakeup Happens Behind The Scenes

In a story that WWE is trying to keep as quiet as possible, Vince McMahon has taken back over as head of creative, replacing Stephanie McMahon. While Stephanie is still listed publicly as the Executive of Vice President of Creative, Vince has taken back a lot of the power that was given to Stephanie years ago. We're told this was done in part because of Stephanie being busy raising her children and now being back on television as a regular performer. She was believed to be fine with her father assisting more to help relieve all the pressure.

However, we're told the rest of the creative team isn't as happy. The feeling from a source close to the writers is that Vince is rearranging the shows more than ever before and no longer has to show deference to his daughter.

The reason WWE is trying to keep the story quiet is they don't want the change to paint Stephanie in a negative light. It's quite possible that WWE never mentions it to the public. Stephanie could very well maintain her title as EVP of Creative but make no mistake about it, Vince is once again the head.

We're also told the suspension of Michael Hayes has played a part in Vince feeling he needed to take a larger role. We do not have further clarification on Hayes' status at this time.

  • Xavier

    All that is understandable, I don’t think this makes Steph look bad at all. I’m sure a lot of people on here will take it as an opportunity to take shots at Stephanie though but let’s be real here, being a parent is a full time job in itself, combined that with being head of creative for a multi billion dollar corporation and being an on air personality that’s more then a plate full, that’s like a freaking swimming pool. I view this as more of Family looking out for family and helping out . Running a television show and raising 3 kids (or is it 2) is no cake walk, and we the IWC will never know how difficult that is to juggle those types of responsibilities.