Major WWE Star Off Next Week's Raw

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Brock Lesnar is not advertised for WWE Raw for the next two weeks after appearing the past two weeks. He is advertised for the February 25th episode in which The Rock is not being advertised.

It certainly looks like WWE is using Lesnar on Raw when The Rock isn't able to appear. The only episode where both Lesnar and Rock are being advertised before Wrestlemania 29 is the April 1st show from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

Obviously this is subject to change but WWE is rotating the part-time talent so they either have Lesnar or The Rock on shows leading up to Wrestlemania.

  • PainOfDemise

    So does that mean The Rock will be at the next two Raws?

  • Nostaljack

    Rock being gone like this is just ridiculous. He has the title; he should be there.

    • Check his movie schedule. Dude is busy

      • Pluto

        Thank you Richard. Tried of people on here crying over spilled milk.

      • Champ….Meh

        Still, the “champ” shouldn’t miss a show.

  • Cfmsu93

    Is Lesnar even going to be at Elimination Chamber?

  • Joey

    The champ didn’t used to be on every show back in the day either. It’s not that big of a deal. If anything it makes it a bigger deal wen the champ is in town since you don’t see him week in and week out!

  • Jimmy

    Stop complaining. Would you rather have Brock and Rock on raw a couple of shows at a time or not on WWE television at all? We should be happy that we even get to see Brock, Rock, HHH and Undertaker at all nowadays.