Maria Continues To Shoot On The Bellas, "Total Divas" Videos

Maria Shoots on The Bellas

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis continued to publicly bury The Bella Twins on Twitter during the premiere of "Total Divas." Kanellis made it clear she was a fan of Natalya and The Funkadactyls but had sharp words for Brie and Nikki. The following is from Twitter:

"Total Divas" Video Highlights

Below are video highlights from "Total Divas" uploaded on the official WWE YouTube channel:

"Total Divas": Natalya learns she won't have a WrestleMania match:

"Total Divas": Eva Marie and JoJo make their debut at the Superstars for Sandy Relief Party:

"Total Divas": Nikki Bella and John Cena reenact a scene from "The Notebook."

  • Evan

    There is a reason that many respect Nattie…and she showed it there.

  • sdunne87

    The only people allowed to shoot on the Bellas are Cena and Bryan.

  • Brandon D

    Maria, or should I say, has been that never should have been. You make yourself sound more and more like a pathetic teenager every time you tweet. You didn’t get your job back in WWE because no one wants the ditzy blond with red hair. As for them being vets, words are words; remember Miz being the “Pro” to Daniel Bryan, even though Bryan had five more years of experience? Pull the tampon out and find a new hobby, because this attention pandering on twitter is pathetic.

  • Patrick

    While she has a right to her opinion on the Bellas, she is not doing herself favors to return to WWE. if she plans to or hopes to return one day. If she doesn’t wish to or cares if she returns to WWE…..then who cares what she says as i said she has a right to her opinion.