Maria Kanellis Launches Into The Personal Life Of Kelly Kelly For Photos On The Internet

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In this week's episode of, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis launched into the personal life of Kelly Kelly. Maria criticized Kelly for photos of her that ended up on the Internet, not naked photos but those that featured Kelly "with someone else's someone else."

Kelly Kelly seemed to have responded to the criticism on Twitter with the following Tweet:

"I will never mention your name, you will never be relevant. If I have something to say about you, I will say it to you ? #thebiggerperson."

The Tweet, located here, has since been deleted.

Maria wrote the following on Twitter:

@afterbuzztv is a show about a show. Every show discusses the show, news and gossip. If you don't like your dirty laundry aired maybe you should be more careful what shows up on the Internet.

You can watch the segment with Maria discussing Kelly Kelly at this link.

  • Patrick Peralta

    " Maria criticized Kelly for photos of her that ended up on the Internet, not naked photos "

    Darn lol


    Let's me see here…First I do like both Maria and Kelly but who is Maria to judge? Kelly may have been with "someone else" and a photo of it got online. No, she shouldn't put herself in that position. I would almost bet money though that Kelly had no control of whomever took that photo. Maria on the other hand posed nude for Playboy and willingly let someone take her pictures…and got paid to do it! Maybe Maria should think twice before passing judgement on someones "dirty laundry" as she puts it. You know correct me if I'm wrong but I think Kelly was asked to do Playboy and she turned it down. Some will argue that this is about infidelity, not nudity. In my opinion though its the principal of the thing.

    • Patrick Peralta

      well Playboy is a classy Magazine unlike the rest of the Magazines out there that take nude pictures. So Maria chose to pose for Playboy.

      I do agree what Kelly does in her private life is her bussiness IF Kelly is seen with Maria's boyfriend Mike Bennett then she can complain about it. untill then she needs to mind her own bussiness.

  • HazMatt23

    In my best Joey Styles voice, “CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!”

  • _JIM_

    Hey Maria, just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean you have to discuss it when you are the topic of the interview. That’s just trying to get yourself over by talking smack on a person with a WAY higher profile than you currently have. Guess it worked though because it was reported on here.

    • Kleck

      Maria was born in the small town I currently live. I wonder if she visits regularly?

  • smithmiester

    Didn’t these two team up together at wrestlemania?

    • CaliburUK

      No that was Maria Menounos, Maria K is the cutie who used to work for WWE a while back

  • craig

    she is talking about her pictures kissing jericho

  • Sky

    This isn’t the first time someone called Kelly out for being a hoe.. Didn’t randy orton call her out once in a interview saying he can name 10 guys she slept with.. I’m sorry but Kelly is a no talent model fake wrestler who most likely slept her way to the top.. Diva divison is a joke and I think Vince should scrap the divison period

  • RileyFan

    Maria has the right to say what she wants, Kelly fans need to grow up. She's allowed to have an opinion and people can't handle honesty, so that's why they hate on her.

  • Dale

    Well, this beats when featured a link to a Huffington Post article in which Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato (yes, you read that right) were promoting Voto Latino and the big headline concerned Lovato's outfit more than Voto Latino's purpose.

    Either way, I kinda don't consider this more than idle chatter. Maria said something, K2 said something else, and no nudes were offended. As for pics of Jericho and Kelly kissing…sorry to Miz, but, Really? REALLY? People are getting all worked up over this on both sides? I find this hardly worthy of all this bickering and nonsense from fans.

    Hell, Tensai getting another tattoo is more worthy of fan debate than this.

    In closing…John Cena is still alive. Have at that, Wrestling world.