Maria Menounos Didn't Have An Accident During Wrestlemania Match; Detailed Coverage Of Batista In South Beach

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- "Extra" host Maria Menounos wrote the following on Twitter:

- has detailed coverage of former WWE star Batista participating in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon yesterday. The piece includes several photos of Batista who has slimmed down but is still in great shape. Click here to read now.

  • Philip Thompson

    Bautista had to slim down if he really wanted to take MMA seriously – too much muscle mass will really hinder your cardio – and that's one of the reasons that in order to be on the UFC roster you have to be able to cut weight to 265lb – Brock Lesnar managed to do it and he's a really big guy. I just wonder how Big Show would have got on if he'd wanted to try MMA. Guys like Butterbean (let's not mention Brawl-For-All) really aren't at the very top of their game – and Bob Sapp who everyone thinks looks indestructable is known as Bob 'The Tap' Sapp for a reason – the guy just lost 10 fights straight and the only reason he's had a single win in the last seven years was because his unknown/nobody opponent had to withdraw due to injury!

  • Noel

    What does cray cray mean??

    Philip, what does that have to do with Maria Menounos? Is she thinking of taking up MMA too? LOL

  • MonstaHeel 450

    When Kelly Kelly and Maria did the double stinkface to Eve, her makeup got smeared allover the back of Maria's pants, making it look like a Skidmark, an accident. Well DUH!!! That's what ya get for wearing white, Maria. Shoulda worn the Giants bikini instead (from the Super Bowl bet earlier this year) Heh Heh

    • phase78

      Ikr…but it still looked nasty