Maria Menounos Injury Update - Two Broken Ribs, How The Injury Happened, Wrestlemania Match

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"Extra" host Maria Menounos actually broke two ribs when she fell on "Dancing with the Stars" partner Derek Hough's knee during rehearsal.

US Weekly has a new article online where Menounos discusses how she is healing. The injury could take months to heal. Click here for their coverage.

Menounos is scheduled to team with Kelly Kelly to face WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve at Wrestlemania XXVIII this Sunday at Wrestlemania XXVIII. We'll have full coverage here at

  • nails

    aw dude that sucks. Not that I expected much at all I was kinda looking forward to seeing this simply because Maria is a true fan. Bring in Natalya then please…

  • John

    Good! Now replace her with Nattie and let’s get this road on the show!

  • James Mitchell

    WM prediction: Maria comes out to the ring and says she can’t wrestle, Eve and Beth make fun of her (Maria cries), Kelly Kelly (I love you) is about to get pummeled when out of nowhere Natalya comes for the Dave and farts on everyone including Cole, allowing Kelly Kelly to get the pin after she finds a gasmask under the ring. Enter Ron Simmons (also with gasmask), yelling a loud, yet slightly muffled ………… DAMN!

    • Andrew


    • MonstaHeel 450

      LOL. Exactly what i was thinkin, except imagine out of the blue comes Kharma after all that. She takes Beth and pummels her to the ground. Then picks up the belt, sending her the message of what Kharma wants from her. Now that would be a better match. Sorry Maria and pu Nattie

  • JackBo

    Darn! thought she was going to miss it…

  • Russell

    Who is this Maria person never heard of her.