Maria Menounos Reveals More Injuries, CM Punk & Rey Mysterio At Comic-Con In Philly, Chris Jericho Appearance

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- Not only did "Extra" host Maria Menounos work Wrestlemania XXVIII with two broken ribs but she revealed today that she has stress fractures in both of her feet.

- WWE Champion CM Punk and Rey Mysterio are scheduled to appear at the 2012 WizardWorld Philadelphia Comic-Con over the weekend of May 31-June 3. Punk is scheduled to appear on June 2nd with Mysterio scheduled for June 3rd.

- Chris Jericho will appear of "The Adam Carolla Show" on Friday. You can view a promo embedded in the video below:

  • ChromeyDaniels

    She shouldn’t of worked. Period.

    • Bault16

      She was the Second best wrestler in the match.

    • James M>>>

      And I’m sure if she didn’t wrestle, you’d be saying “can’t believe she didn’t wrestle (blah blah blah…)”. Damned either way

  • Abe

    So then a woman with broken ribs and broken feet pinned the champion of the womens division. Way to make Beth look like a nobody

    • Bault16

      It’s predetermined

    • Jameson

      they are booking beth like a nobody, was she even on Raw or smackdown this week?

  • Maz

    And then Beth looses to Niki bella a week later, who’s writing this shit

  • havoc525

    You know what, I respect the heart she showed by even working. This isn’t her profession but she still gave more than most people would if it WERE their profession. She’s tough as hell, and I congratulate her on taking it serious.

  • Ace

    WWE Campain: Please don't try this at home or anywhere. We are trained professionals.

    *Runs out and grabs a TV host* Tada!