Maria Says The Bella Twins Blocked The Returns Of 3 Divas

A Twitter follower asked Maria Kanellis if she thought that Eva Marie was WWE's attempt to replace her since she "rejected their offer." Maria, corrected the follower, with the following response:

Maria announced earlier this month that The Bella Twins blocked her attempt at a WWE comeback.

  • Eddie Edwards

    How exactly would the Bellas block 3 people from getting hired?

    • Chad

      One of them is dating the top name in the business….not that hard if you think about how much pull she can have by going through him

      • Kings of Wrestling

        Both of them are dating top guys

      • Jeremy

        Do you always repeat any bullshit you read online?

    • Nikki can get power because she is dating Cena. John Cena is the face of the company she thinks she can get power through him

      • Jeremy

        So they have power to keep people from being hired, yet do not have enough power to make sure they have a title and are on TV every week. HAHAHAH! you retards of the IWC make me laugh.

  • Philip Thompson

    That really really lowers the Bella twins in my estimations.

  • Ricky

    I never liked the Bellas’ to begin with, now they are back and pulling this crap? I know it’s all just hear say and always will be. I’m sure the Bella’s will say they had nothing to do with it and since Vince does like them (he admitted to them having potential because they are twins) and one of them is in bed with Cena. I’m sure nothing good will come out of this for Maria.

  • jackkedx10

    i would be upset if they tried to block trish return but that will never happen. hopefully we can see Victoria comeback.

  • 1molly23

    It’s a shame, Bella’s blocking talent better than what they’ve got! Shame on WWE for bowing to their every whim. Must be nice to have Cena and Bryan having their backs.

  • Wyatt

    When you think about it, if Cena married Brie and Bryan married Nikki, Cena and Bryan would be brother in laws. Wouldnt that be ironic? The best in ring performer in WWE is brothers with the worst in ring performer.

    • Got it wrong there Cena is dating Nikki and Bryan is dating Brie

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      It’s Cena with Nikki and Bryan with Brie. And I Lol’ed to that.

  • Kacie

    If this is true, wtf?!!! Vince dont let these two waste of space control who gets hired.

  • I use to respect the Bellas really but since these news coming out i lost respect. Nikki think she is hot stuff cause she is dating Cena. I heard that Barbie (Kelly Kelly) and Maryse have both removed Bella twins from their following list. I noticed they no longer talk about hanging with them. Maryse use to talk about them all the time now she doesn’t. Since their return and the superstars they are dating The Bellas have gotten a huge ego. WWE is stupid to listen to The Bellas as well if they indeed blocked 3 Divas from returning. I know this isn’t the first time divas had trouble with the Bellas. I heard both Michelle and Lisa (Aka Tara/Victoria) had trouble with them as well. WWE should not listen to them they are nothing but eye candies.

    • Matt

      I hate people like that. “Lisa (aka Victoria/Tara)”. Sorry, are you personal friends with her? Call her her ring name. We all know her real name. Like HHH is Paul, Punk is Phil, Big Show is Paul, Edge is Adam, Christian is Jason. We still call them by their ring names. It’s because it’s what they are known by!

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Even though some of them might be true, but Maria herself a troublemaker back from her days in WWE. Wonder this may be her jealous part or else…

  • Gary Robert

    Do the Bellas really have that kind of backstage influence?? I highly doubt it.

  • Kelly Kelly & Maryse

  • Jeremy

    17 comments before mine, and all of them retarded.

  • Adam

    You can’t blame the Bellas. It’s WWE’s fault for being too spineless to say ‘no’ when the Bellas ‘blocked’ Maria’s return

  • Eric Matthew Lima

    I’ve heard the Bellas blocked Melina from returning as well.