Mark Henry Curses Us Out, Says There's A Chance He Won't Come Back To WWE

Have you ever been cursed out by a 418-pound man who is known for being The World's Strongest Man? I hadn't either until after the WWE TLC pay-per-view on Sunday night. Mark Henry is disputing our report he's cleared to return and says there's a chance he won't come back.

The following is from Henry's Twitter:

As with anything WWE-related it's impossible to know if Henry is working or telling the truth, however, I'm siding with the big guy for my own well-being.

  • mathew30

    "known for being The World’s Strongest Man"bu T he has never outside of WWE been known for this, he never won the strong man competition with that title.

    • Richard Gray

      He won the Arnold Classic in 2002.

    • Robert

      Mark was interviewed on a Austin radio show a couple of weeks back and said that he would only return if be could perform at the same level as before the injury. Even if he was cleared to return, if he is not going to be the same , he might choose not to come back.

    • Ballzdeep34

      Mark literally has tons of records in lifting. State and national. I heard him say he still holds like a dead lift record at that time. Do some research moron. Just cuz he’s not in the world strongest competing that they air on espn2 doesn’t mean he isn’t accomplished. …. Show…………

  • Patrick Peralta

    lol interesting very interesting.

  • Sam Peters

    get a bit scared did we Richard 😉 shouldnt post up unless your 100% sure

    • As stated on FB, I was told he was cleared by a high level source who has helped me break 100s of stories.

      • Patrick Peralta

        everyone is bound to make one mistake even a good source. no one is prefect. guess he was wrong this time.

        • It’s not a mistake but we aren’t going to pick a fight with the big man today. I have more and will be updating later in the week.

      • Ballzdeep34

        It’s prolly a work so he can come bac in the rumble. Last thing he needs is buzz this far out to ruin his potential pop at the rumble

  • Blaze

    This is hilarious. You should troll him Richard.

  • Richard, the headline for this article should have been: “Mark Henry Says I Don’t Know a Damn Thing.”


    It's a work without question. Henry will back

  • The Big Organ

    Mark Henry is the worlds strongest man while Richard is the worlds fastest backpaddler man lol. I think

    He’s working you Rich just so his comeback can be a surprise. I ain’t afraid of that fool! Ima split his wig if he talks ish at me! Sumbody gonna get they ass

    Kicked! You hear me Mark?

    • Richard Gray

      No he is working. I have an update but I'm holding it for later in the week.

  • Dave Barton

    This may be my favorite Mark Henry quote since "Sweet Jesus, you got a penis!"

  • Jeffrey Turner

    Don’t worry Richard. He’s really a nice guy. And doesn’t have any issues at all with temperment. Lol. I met him one night at Wicks Pizza in Louisville Ky. I’m 6’3″ and at the time I was 360’lbs. I know how to fight. I’ve cleaned barrooms out before in the rough mannor.I wouldn’t anger this man. Lol. He’s intimidating as Hell when he raises his voice.

    • Da KiDD

      So edgy