Mark Henry & Dave Batista Party With Wu-Tang Clan Over The Weekend

How is Mark Henry spending time off WWE live events recovering from injury? Partying with the Wu-Tang Clan with Dave Batista...

Below is a photo of Henry and Batista with the rap group on their tour bus after Saturday's show in Austin, Texas:

  • BollyMexCPhT


  • wwedj

    bring the ruckus

  • Anthony Burun

    Wow last time I saw batista he was young,which was last year.And he already looks that old already.

  • @ease9310

    Batista should come back to the WWE,and team up with Mark Henry,because whoever reads this,knows that Batista,and Mark Henry in reaality are friends.I still hope Batista would come,and return to the WWE,and if he does,he should come to SmackDown to team up with Henry!Then SmackDown will be a little better,but still not as good as Monday Night Raw!!