Mark Henry Discusses His Induction Into The International Sports Hall Of Fame

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Mark Henry was recently interviewed by the official WWE website about his induction into the International Sports Hall of Fame. Henry discusses winning the Arnold Classic in the excerpt below:

"It meant a lot because that competition is geared toward the heaviest instruments in the world. To win that competition truly proves you are the strongest man. You compete against eight guys, the best in the world. There's no dodging anybody and you lift the heaviest apparatus. It spoke volumes about my talent. I only had four months to train, because I was with WWE. If I had more time to train, I might've done even better. It's hard to better than first, though, you know?"

Henry then revealed what his famous lifting moment in his career was::

"Being 19 years old and making the Olympic team on my last lift. I went 6-for-6 and had a perfect Olympic trial. Making the team and being one of the youngest to ever go to the Olympics was pretty special."

Click here to read the full interview.

  • Wwe4L76

    What a awsome man!

  • Ian

    I hate his character and awful wrestling style but big props to him for getting into the HOF and being talente enough to build the strength needed for real. I may just like him after all

    • Its funny to me how so many people call the Rock a panirdomna when Stone Cold Steve Austin has made public his demands, refused to put guys over, and actually walked out on the company twice. It so funny to me how hypocritical people are in general.

  • Ace

    LIKE a BOSS!