Mark Henry Explains Controversial Tweet That Coincided With WWE Releases, Says "An Apology Is Due" From Curt Hawkins

Recently released WWE talent Curt Hawkins called Mark Henry an "idiot" after Henry posted a tweet celebrating his upcoming 18th year with WWE on the same day in which 11 workers were released from the company. Henry claimed he was asked to post about his birthday and asked for an apology in the following tweets:

  • Mysterion

    Mark what’s an apology but doesn’t actually apologise himself? Can he not see that the dick move here was on his part? Even if he didn’t know, he found out after and just basically said “how is it my fault?” Jesus. I like Mark, but this is a bit shitty.

  • Trapdoor

    (Edit) Scrap that. Re-read it. Have to ask/say though: Which is it he was celebrating, birthday or anniversary?

    • Rus

      Umm Curt didn’t threaten him he insulted him lol think your the idiot……. oh oops in no way is that a threat to you

      • Trapdoor

        :oD The fact you posted this an hour or so after I edited it (after realising my mistake) makes whom the idiot. ;oD

        *The above is in no way meant as a threat. If I wanted to threaten someone, I’d offer them tickets to an ADR vs Swagger match. ;o)

        • Rus

          Lol must have been a glitch on my end coz I can see its edited now but not when I made the comment 😛 NOOOOOO anything but that match I take it back I take it all back

  • josh

    Not that I am calling Henry a liar but what does being with WWE for 18 years and still standing have to do with his birthday. Seems like thats BS. Just my feeling.

  • AJ Punk

    Henry started with WWE in march ’96. His birthday is June 12

    • Nathen

      Tell him that. I think he forgot.

  • Matt

    This is complete BS. Notice how he conveniently forgot to retweet the part where he said 18 years in August. And he isn’t aware of releases? Come on dude.
    Now you physically threaten Hawkins? What happened to be a star not a bully? Henry is coming off like a real jackass here.

    • Nathen

      That is how muscle heads like Henry respond. He knows no other way.

      • Patrick

        guess he doesn’t like people calling him names. most people don’t like that.

  • Nathen

    Mark Henry is a genuine a**hole. I met him at Summerslam Fan Access and he was a complete d**k. I told him I had been a fan for years and he just grunted at me. And he didn’t even shake my hand, he weakly placed his hand in mine like he was a Disney princess. He was the very first wrestler I actually met and he nearly ruined it. Big Show, who was at the same booth, however was amazing. Since then, I have disliked everything this fool has done, even hid worked retirement(which was telegraphed a mike away and not a major surprise). I have cheered the Great Khaki just because he was wrestling Mark Henry!

    And here Mark proves Hawkins right. He posts about an anniversary and says it’s his birthday! The man is confused. But I expect nothing less that a man who is all brawn, little brain and a complete asshole.

    • IncoherentRambling

      Maybe he just didn’t like you.

    • f_caus

      Your story is bad and you should feel bad.

      • Nathen

        Because your opinion is so important to me? Don’t flatter yourself.

    • Ray

      No on saw the retirement work coming, don’t lie – you may have thought “wouldn’t it be cool if” but that segment took everyone by surprise. Also – wrestlers are human. Maybe he was sick / tired / dealing with bad news. You don’t know. I thought my best friend was a dick the first time I met him – no we’re tight as brothers.

      • Nathen

        I have no reason to lie. Did I know when his music hot it would be a worked retirement? No. But as soon as he announced it o knew it was a work it was far too obvious, especially Cena remaining in the ring.

        And yes, he could have had a bad day. But he was at work and should have acted professional. I’ve had many bad days and never treated my paying customers poorly because of it. In fact, in most jobs employees wouldn’t get away with treating customers that way.

        • First time I saw Jericho live he was a total butt. He couldn’t pay attention to the match he was in (house show in Maine), and was nasty to the fans. It got to the point that his partner, Scotty Steiner, had to talk to him on the corner, and I could hear it in the 7th row. Scotty was pissed at Jericho and downright nasty to him because of it. After the match Scotty dragged Jericho’s butt backstage and yelling could be heard from gorilla.

          I was sour on Jericho for MANY years after that. I’ve finally come back around, but if I ever meet him, he will be asked about it. I’m sure it was a bad day, but the littlest thing can sour us on some of the best. Though I’m not saying Henry is one of the best. I’ve not been a fan of him for most of his career.

    • Guest

      He doesnt really shake peoples hand…thats what I heard.

  • _JIM_

    Hawkins is going to be entering the Hall of Pain if Henry happens to see him. I seriously doubt Hawkins would have been so gutsy to have said that to Henry’s face. He’s just another “telephone tough guy” who’s running his mouth from the safety of using Twitter to say what he said. Not one of these releases was a surprise, and to be honest a guy like Hawkins should’ve been gone years ago. When was the last time he did anything of any kind of value for the company? His run with Ryder as Edge’s stooges was a long long time ago, and he hasn’t done anything since. Henry is a former World Champ who has had an above average run that has lasted almost 20 years. If he wants to post a tweet celebrating it, that’s his right. He’s earned it, and Hawkins didn’t.

    • The Leader

      I think the prob is timing, not whether or not he has a right to tweet his anniversary. If he did it the day before the release or next week, he wouldn’t be getting that backlash. And if AJ Punk (commentator from above) is accurate w/ his start date for Mark Henry (Mar ’96), then Henry was trying to cover up his bad. IMO, best thing to do is own up instead of threaten.

      • Guest

        Um…Henry said it was a birthday tweet…so obviously Henry wasnt covering up ANYTHING. But I do agree that how he handled it was in poor taste.

        But all in all, Im still a big fan of Henry silly ass.

  • Zack

    I know we all love wrestling and it’s hard to think outside our wrestling mentality sometimes, but Mark can get pissy all he wants because “handling his business” in the real world is battery and technically what he just tweet could be considered assault. Just saying. Boom lawyered.

    • Justin Mayo

      Marshal….Suit up!