Mark Henry Health Update After Undergoing Shoulder Surgery

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Mark Henry posted the following on Twitter over the weekend:

Henry underwent surgery on his shoulder on May 15th and is expected to return to WWE when he recovers.

  • Anand

    Hope mark can come back ASAP WWE needs all possible big names now esp. Smack down

  • Moose666

    I'm glad he feels good after his surgery. I've always liked him in that he has been dependable and a long time personality of the company. I think his latest persona has been the best of his career and the most believable.

  • Harold Fleming

    Mark come back soon I am glad you are getting well. It's time to take the Hall of Pain world wide and pick up big show and take over. The Two of you NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE CAN STOP THE HALLS OF PAIN Gd's speed and your real fans miss you Harold in Austin

  • Hunter

    Great to hear, hope he comes back heel