Mark Henry Injured

Mark Henry suffered an apparent leg/knee injury at Saturday night's WWE Smackdown live event in Norfolk, Virginia. Henry was working Kane when the injury occurred. They went home quickly and the referee used the X signal, indicating a legitimate injury.

Henry limped to the back and appeared to be in pain.  We have no further details as of this writing.

  • David

    That Sucks, he just came after his long layoff and then this.

  • budgie

    poor guy can’t catch a break.

  • David F.

    Maybe Big Show will replace Mark Henry v Ryback. Then WWE could have Christian return to take Big Show’s spot on Team WWE v The Shield.

    • I’m sorry but that is the most asinine idea I’ve heard in a while. Explain to me how putting show vs Ryback two weeks away from WM is gonna do anything after Ryback has been heavily involved with Henry and Show equally as involved with The Shield? Come on baby use common sense!

      • David F.

        You have to have back up plans in case of an injury and if Mark Henry cant go then the next monster heel that can put Ryback over would be Big Show. I also think Big Show is a better worker than Henry. Plus for my own selfish reasons I have always been a Christian fan and would love for him to be on Team WWE v Shield.

        • If your reason is just so Christian can get on the card than I’m gonna be realistic with you. Christian will not be in the main card of WM. he could however make a return on the pre-show. Just look at the history of Christian’s treatment by wwe. The only reason he even became a world champion is because of Edge’s untimely retirement. I like Christian too but upon his return he will most def be in the upper midcard scene prob going for the US or IC title.

  • Michael

    Ryback can’t catch a break. The guy couldn’t go over Punk because of the Rock. Then he loses his promised world title push and win at mania to Swagger. Then he loses the Rumble to Cena and now he possible doesn’t have a program for mania that sucks.

    • Jared

      Not sure what Ryback has done to deserve a title shot or to be champion. The guy is a joke as a wrestler, he’s a joke on the mic, and he’s an injury risk to everyone he faces. The faster Ryback is out of the WWE, the better. I’d rather see Cena as champ than Ryback, and I hate Cena more than most.

      • The Bops

        He really hasn’t done anything to deserve a title shot, but he was promised… I can see his point of view, though I disagree with it.

      • I agree that he got a title shot waaaay too early but to call the guy a joke is ridicules! He def needs more seasoning and some big wins under his belt before he can call himself champ. He is def over like rover though, and the Goldberg chants by the Sheeps and the smarks are dying down a bit.

      • Michael

        A joke are you serious the booking has been a joke. He can’t be booked over Shield because it’s to soon for them to take a loss. He should’ve been booked better if Cena couldn’t go they could’ve put Orton in the matches with Punk. Ryback is a beast and in ten years if heathy he will be a multiple time world and/or wwe champion.

  • Kleck

    Seems he is in the Hall of Pain now.

  • Jared

    Get better soon Mark, hopefully this doesn’t end your career.

  • Patrick

    and WWE worries about guys like Mysterio and Sin Cara getting hurt all the time…Henry is just as bad.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Fat people are trouble…

  • Dangerous Lee

    Fat people are trouble..

  • Nostaljack

    I’m sure Ryback will be whining about this publicly very soon.

  • The GameBreaker

    Damn, he just returned and injured again.