Mark Henry Injured (Smackdown Spoiler)

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Mark Henry was injured at this week's Smackdown taping in Tucson, Arizona. Henry hurt his knee after throwing a punch without his foot firmly planted on the canvas, causing his leg to bend awkwardly and apparently hyperextending his knee.

The finish of the match was changed on the fly, with Henry rolling out of the ring and being counted out off camera.

The show ends with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan getting in the ring and going after Big Show.

I haven't heard what Henry's status is for Royal Rumble but it should be noted he's been working over the last month with a groin injury.

  • H.M.

    Poor guy.

  • Chris_Storm

    Does this surprise anyone? The man has been working injured (for whatever reason), and never took time to heal in the first place. I wish management would stop making these guys feel obligated to work hurt in order to keep their main event spots. HHH, Batista, Ortan, Cena…..these names never had to worry about that, even though most of the time they still worked hurt. Henry is different, his joints carry a substantial amount of more weight than those guys and it's simple common sense to not work a super heavyweight like that.

    • Wwe4L76

      So true! Well said!

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree it does make common sense to not work a super heavyweight like that.

      but this is Vince McMahon we are talking about. a guy who had Mark Henry continue working because He Felt Henry was over doing the Crys of pain he was in. Vince felt that since Henry is such a big guy that he shouldn't been screaming in pain so loudly and was over doing it. that the injury was not as bad as it seemed and that he should of been tougher then your average sized person.

      I don't care if Vince was in a Bad mood he should have sent Henry home to rest up and heal but no he had him continue to work and now he has a added injury.

    • robert

      i bet this is his choie he put in 15 years of jobbing for guys he'd destroy and finally get a top spot i'd be out there too, but he should be guaranteed his spot when he comes back because he really stepped it up his character has really evolved him and bryan should be on top

  • Aj

    He’s just obese

    • IvyTiger

      Idiot, he's done more than you have done in your mediocre and ridiculous life.

  • Mlp

    Yes your right, it didn’t make much sence for Mark to work without rest!!

  • BigMike

    Mark just needed to be sent home and make a SMackdown appearance ok Fine but NOT WORK!!!!! they get creatively stupid enough to not let many others work so why not someone who should be on the shelf temporarily to heal up?:

  • RK

    I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat for this but, I think he should just retire on top. He has already held the championship belt, he has had a long career, he is a great worker, and very loyal, but he can’t keep putting his body through the hell or we will wind up losing another great worker way too soon. So like I said before retire on top. Edge was smart enough to do so why not Henry?

  • PhilT81

    From what I heard Mark Henry insisted he was fine to work through the injury and certainly wasn’t forced to.

    He’s obese and slow and has a history of injuring himself and others. I’m not sure on why WWE have had him all of these years and finally decided to invest in building him up when he is so close to retiring. Guys like him are not the future. Build up the younger guys like Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Zigglee etc instead. Having said that, I’d like to see William Regal have a decent run, perhaps VKM would like to see him as the next Lord Alfred Hayes though.

    • RK

      I totally agree I want Regal to have a run with the strap

  • @ease9310

    I hope Mark Henry doesn't compete at tomorrow's Royal Rumble match against Big Show,and Daniel Bryan.So it can be Big Show VS Daniel Bryan.And at the end Big Show wins his tittle,and Bryan goes to the emergency room,to recover from the injury he received from the Big Show.