Mark Henry Injured

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The word going around tonight's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view is that Mark Henry is suffering from a legitimate injury which the reason for him dropping the World Heavyweight Championship.

BG James, who is now working as a producer backstage in WWE and was actually seen on tonight's pay-per-view, Tweeted on Thursday Henry was headed to the hospital. While James said it had to do with his ankle, there is no firm word as to what is wrong with Mark Henry.

Henry was extremely limited in tonight's match against Big Show which fueled rumors he had an injury that was serious enough to end a push that WWE had heavily invested in.

  • Redrum Vasquez

    Injuries is the reason he didn’t get a push before

  • snuggle

    I know why they had him drop the belt and then try and make him look strong by having him attack show after the match but imo he would have looked stronger if he would’ve beaten show then attempted to attack show after the match only to have show counter and knock him out then have bryan cash in over henry.

    • Guy Landau

      But here you're assuming they aren't trying to turn Bryan heel. It was a very interesting scenario last night, we'll have to wait for this week's TVs to see where it goes.

  • Andrew

    Mark Henry did an amazing job with the title. If it wasn’t for Punk, Mark Henry was superstar of the year. I would of bought into letting him past Mania with the gold

  • @RatedMKD

    So much was booked for that, that I wonder how much this affected it. Would there have been no title changes tonight had there been no injuries? only only itle change? None? I dunno…!

    • Matt Scott


      • @RatedMKD

        I drank waaay too much vodka last night…

        • XKonn247

          Well that’s a win lol

  • LeftyTosser

    Hate that for Mark. He was getting the type of push he wanted and had worked so hard for recently. Hopefully it won't be anything serious.

  • Tim

    Is anyone really surprised he was always injured early in his career the fact he held up this long should be the surprise not the injury,I have been saying he will get hurt & it won't be long I rest my case this is wrestling not weightlifting,wrestling
    is a little more physical

    • Scottyo614

      Last time he was an active weight lifter was what 1996? Hello 2 weeks away from 2012

  • tony

    big push for mark henry but still not really championship caliber as seen as of late..injury is an excuse to drop title as nor big show can be champ again..let ypung guys like wade,ziggler ,daniel,sheamus be champ….

    • Gary

      You're on crack. The Henry title storyline has been the best creative decision of the year outside of letting Punk lose on the mic.

  • Kevin Knight

    So glad to hear that they just ended that fued. Mark Henry is uncharismatic, has no microphone skills, no in ring skills. He's a big man who doesn't move very well. What that character needs is a manager like Slick. IMO so many of todays wrestlers with no character or image need a manager. Ted Dibiase Sr., Jake Roberts, some of the superstars from yesteryear need to get in there and get rid of Vickie Guerrero. Big Show just needs to be marketed and two years or more of being unstoppable, unbeatable, and a POWERHOUSE.

    • snuggle

      You are so wrong in the past few months henry has showed what he can do the matches with show haven’t been good because they are both big men. Henry has had great matches with christian, sheamus, orton, and bryan the guy deserved the title run he had and once he comes back another run he should retire at least a three time champion.

    • bettysteve

      *cry* *sob* LEAVE VICKIE ALONE *cry* *sniff*

  • J.J.

    i dont care so long as they continue the build of daniel bryan through wrestlemanie but sadly i have to say that i doubt it will happen due to vinces distaste for indy stars!!!!! but im still crossing my fingers and hoping

  • sdd619

    I think that Mark Henry got a pretty decent run as champion. a 3 month reign is amazing

  • Moose666

    Just after he hit the WSS Monday night, he was grabbing his thigh with the ref attending to him. This may also explain why Kane attacked Cena instead of Henry which really didn't make much sense. Last second change of plans? Who knows?

  • vmagic

    If it was his ankle, then I feel sorry for his other ankle, lol.