Mark Henry Resurfaces, AJ Lee Talks Video Games, Rosa Mendes Controversy Solved

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- Mark Henry was spotted at Best Buy in Austin, Texas on Friday. We heard from Wrestling News World reader Ranfery that took a picture with him.

- AJ Lee talked video games with Forbes to promote WWE '13. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- Brooks Oglesby solved the Rosa Mendes/Brad Maddox controversy as the video was made by a scam artist. Rosa didn't realize it and went after Maddox but the video was well done. We pulled the video on Wednesday when we discovered it was fake so if you're wondering why, catchup at this link.

  • Patrick Peralta

    whic explains why Rosa pulled the twitter rant from her account.

  • Ken

    Shame. Whoever it was getting changed looked rather tasty. We need more of that in the WWE and less kiddie crap.

  • Dufus

    I entered here to get a glimpse of Mark Henry. : (