Mark Henry Retirement A Work, Attacks John Cena

Mark Henry delivered a worked retirement speech on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. With John Cena still at ringside, Henry, in tears, explained the only regret of his career was not wining the WWE Championship.

Cena handed him the belt but Henry handed it back because he said "you have to earn it." Henry thanked his children and told his wife he was coming home before delivering the World's Strongest Slam to the WWE Champion.

Below is my reaction from Twitter:

 10:20 PM EDT Update: In a backstage interview, Henry told Renee Young he was challenging Cena for the WWE title "right now."  He said the reason he had two boots was because he was going to stick one of them up Cena's rear end.  End update.

  • George


  • Leo


  • Dustyn

    I was expecting something, maybe the debut of the Wyatt’s but this was gold!

  • Michael

    Awesome I called that as soon as Henrys music hit. My only hope as an African American is that they finally have the first African American wwe champion even if it’s a short reign.

    • lee

      Wouldn’t The Rock be the first Afican American WWE champ.

      • Michael

        No I asked Richard this question a few months ago and he said that wwe calls him Samoan champion not African American, so Henry if he wins the belt wouldn’t hold my breathe cause it’s against Cena would be the first African African wwe champion.

        • lee

          K thanks i didn’t know that, It would be nice to see Henry as the first then. but you know they won’t let cena lose to anyone

  • Blake

    FYI, we do not care for your “reaction from Twitter”. It has no business being here, this story ain’t about you.

    • Matt

      Agreed. And what pisses me off more is “Richard Reacts”, which is just another ego stroke, is premium content! The arrogant prick makes people pay for his opinions! He’s a goddamn egomaniac. Also, I just posted an opinion. Can I have $8.95 a month now?

      • stivoshi

        you are such an idiot. Who the hell do you think you are? Go to some other site if you don’t like this one. No one forced you on here. Goodness gracious i wish i could just slap the taste out of your mouth. Such an ignorant two faced idiotic pathetic and not to mention small brained 40 year old virgin. Geez.

    • blakesab*tch

      I can’t stand a piece of sh*t internet bully that runs his his d*ck beaters from behind a computer screen nobody makes you come to this site if you can get the info for free on another website take your broke ass there and by the way don’t say we don’t care say you don’t care speak for yourself not the rest of the icw

    • Mark McMark

      wah wah wah

  • Don Tonberry

    Man I got worked like a 9-5! Easily one of, if not THE greatest of Henry’s promos! I can’t even recall the last time I been legitimately worked like that.

    • Blaine

      Same here lol

  • Chris

    I wish it wasn’t a work!! Henry blows!!!

  • Charlie

    best work in wwe history..well something like that

  • f_caus

    One of the best swerves in recent memory lol.

  • Justin Lal

    Mark Henry played us all! What happened to Daniel Bryan vs. Cena at MITB?

    • Matt

      You mean the natch that was never announced. Just the one you wanted to happen? Chances are WWE didn’t gives a shit to the opinion of someone who constantly shits on the product and it’s fanbase.

      • Justin Lal

        I shit on a demographic of their fanbase… the one you’re in! The same one that cheers the heels and boos the faces. I was being sarcastic with the question regarding Daniel Bryan-Cena at MITB.

        • Luke

          “The same ones that cheer the heels and boo the faces” you mean like when ‘we’ boo Daniel bryan? Or how about CM Punk? Undertaker? Y2J? Christian? They are all faces yet ‘we’ cheer them? People cheer who they like and boo who they don’t. Your constant IWC bashing is petulant and ridiculous. I’m not going to get in to a huge debate over this but next time you want to ‘shit on a demographic’ at least make sure your points make sense x

          • Justin Lal

            When have “you” booed Daniel Bryan? I’m talking about the demographic that predictably boos the faces and cheers the heels, like last night. My issue with those types of fans is that when WWE reacts to their reactions people whine about the booking. Who the hell gave WWE the idea to turn Del Rio heel last night? The crowd! I’m sick of people in the IWC bitching about things being predictable, yet when something happens that is not predictable they still bitch. If you’re going to be vocal and cheer who you want to cheer at least be willing to accept it when WWE does something based on those cheers. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Justin Lal

            I want to also point out that there is enough WWE programming (6 Hours a Week – RAW, ME, SD) and enough talent that WWE can cater to all demographics.

  • frenchfry

    very well done by him

  • Bill

    That was more emotion from Henry than I have ever seen.

  • K!NG

    well for years now we the IWC have been saying hes gonna hang them up and hes done ive read countless articles about it and ive read countless ones where mark henry is angry about them… He used it against everyone that said he was done and showed he is far from done CAUSE THATS WHAT HE DOES!!!!

  • Patrick

    It didn’t fool me at all once rumors started I knew it was a set up.

  • John

    The promo was excellent, but if you didn’t see it coming right from the start, then you need to get smarter!