Mark Henry Retirement Update - The Forgotten Quote From May 2011

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Mark Henry is quoted in the January 2012 issue of WWE Magazine where he said he considered retiring from wrestling before his run as a top star on Smackdown.  He cited wanting to spend more time with his kids and the various aches and pains from so many years in the business.

While a lot of people will blow this quote up, Henry had more interesting comments to The West Australian in May 2011. The original article featuring the quote is no longer online, however, it was here that Mark Henry said he would retire after wrestling another year-and-a-half.

Henry, 41, is currently injured but worked this week's TVs.

  • BollyMexCPhT

    We will miss Mark "Ratingz" Henry.

  • Conquistador Uno

    It’s not forgotten. That was a massive overstatement. Do you think we’re as stupid as WWE thinks we are or something?

    • wnwdotcom2

      Your bitterness around the happiest time of the year is depressing

      • Conquistador Uno

        I’m not bitter, I just don’t appreciate being patronised and it being assumed we forget so easily. And these last few months haven’t been good for me or my family because some personal stuff is happening so don’t judge me or anyone else who is not feeling the Christmas spirit when you don’t know the reasons why.

        • Morgan

          You do realize you're calling out the OWNER of the website, right? And I did forget, and I'm glad he posted the reminder because it made me realize Henry isn't as young as he looks. I'm sorry your life isn't working out, but you don't need to act like a prick because not everyone on the internet knows all about your life.

          • Conquistador Uno

            I know who he is and how good he is, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t disagree with him. I’m hardly calling him out either. All I want is for him to assume some knowledge on behalf of his readers, instead of it seeming like we all have terrible memories or something.

          • JakShowtime

            I'm with Morgan, I forgot too. And not everybody necessarily read it the first time around to begin with.

            I hope they give him a good sendoff, as he has more or less been a lifer.

        • XKonn247

          Amen brother!! This for me on a personal level is one of the saddest periods as all I have is sad memories regarding Christmas. I hate that everyone simply assumes everyone forgets the garbage in life to smile through a broken heart at Christmas.

          • Conquistador Uno

            Glad someone understands. Hope things turn around for us.

  • ease9310

    Mark Henry is a close friend of mine,and he wants to work in my company.I told him come on you know all of WWE Universe is going to miss you.He said yeah I know,and I'll miss them all to.But I've been in the WWE for a really long time,but I have to continue with my life.

    • tna

      really aha?

      • Scooter

        No no he tells the truth cuz I am friends with Alberto Del Rio and he told me that it’s his destiny to be WWE champion!0

        • PhilT81

          Really? I’m close personal friends with Sheamus – we’re always hanging out at the beach, going to tanning salons etc. We go to salons all over the place, except Boca Raton – for some reason they don’t let WWE personnel in.

          Ease90210 or whatever your name is (it doesn’t matter) – what does your company do that would attract a retired multi-millionaire with very little in the way of transferable skills to work for you? I’m genuinely interested to see what he can do – I don’t even think he would be that good for lifting things up – not all day anyway.

    • joe

      Really? I'm close personal friends with Mark Henry too and he said your lying.

  • [email protected]

    One big super weight out, a new super weight in. Welcome Big dady V!!!

    • Balls Mahoney

      You've seen Big Daddy,Big Daddy II,Big Daddy III,and IV. But now its time for Big Daddy V!!!!!! (by the way I know its the letter "v")

  • HPK

    Good…Bout time He retires !!! I'm so surprised that He lasted this long in the WWEak !!! I remeber first seeing Him in WWF along side D Lo Brown back in 98'…also a member of the Nation of Domination w' the Rock !!!

  • Logan_Walker

    Richard can you help me out on this DB WHC Thing, i thought that the rule was that they "HAD" to be albe to stand before they could cash it in ? <—- When Miz Tried To Cash in on Shemus and he was down

    • d93andr5


      • Logan_Walker

        nope but hopefuly your going to tell me with out all caps

    • JakShowtime

      WWE retcons stuff all the time. They'll change details about things as often as Alicia Fox flips from Face to Heel to Face.

      • Logan_Walker

        Yeh Because When Miz Tried to Cash his in on Shemus he had to be up before the ring bell went off but With DB its Different…. TBH i dont think he is going to hold it for long i belive they have no faith in him

  • Dave C

    If he is going to retire, good for him he got to live his dream as world champion, if not, so be it. Anything is possible in the wrestling buisness, i was looking forward to bringing my son to wwe event when he is old enough to see edge wrestle, but thats not going to happen. Whatever mark henry decides to do im happy for him

  • Miguel_Z

    Sad.. How it took the WWE more than a decade to give Henry a fearsome role. Not since the Nation of Domination. He was miss used all these years. I remember seeing Henry in a dark match back in March in Allstate Arena, thinking “poor guy”

    • HHHRedmonster

      Well they gave him a similar push back in 2006 when he "Took out" Batista and fought for the the World title at the Royal rumble, but as I recall he got injured so the push was stopped. But I agree with what you're saying.

  • sean

    good for mark and i hope what ever he decides it makes him happy he got his dream as world champ so now he can retire happily if he wants or continue to ride out his push