Mark Henry Says He Took A 50% Pay Cut With Latest WWE Contract

Mark Henry was on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Mike Riker. In it, he revealed that five years ago when he signed his latest WWE contract that he took a 50% pay cut. He also discussed his late rise to main event status.

Below are some excerpts:

Details behind his "retirement" promo:

Well five years ago when I signed my contract, my last contract. I took a 50 percent pay cut. And a lot of people don't know that because I never said nothing about it. And I wanted this these last five years—the reason that I've had this steadily incline is because I wanted to validate myself financially as well as career wise. And I've been able to make a good living over the last five years. But I ain't made nothing compared to John Cena. The Randy Ortons, the Brock Lesnars and The Rocks of this world. I ain't making that kind of money. And Money in the Bank it's just funny that it all happens to be about the money. But a lot of it is about the money. And it's about the respect that comes with the money. Donald Trump. Great business man. Unbelievable business man. Is he known for being a business man? No. He's known for the money. And I'm trying to get mine, man. I'm trying to get mine. And John Cena is the stepping stool, the foot hole or whatever you want to call him, to me getting my paper.

Late rise to main event status:

I think a lot of it was focus, a lot of it was desperation. A lot of it was umm—that epiphany. That day you wake up and go damn! Is this what it is? Like sometimes the trigger don't happen until something stimulates. And when I sat there in that chair in WWE headquarters, and they say hey we wanna resign you but we can't sign you for this money. This is what we offer. And it was nothing.

  • michael

    No Randy Orton money, that’s for sure. He has the millions of dollars millions of dollars millions of dollars…(where’s PTP when you need them?)

  • Winnipeg

    Uh, then they gave that 50% to Randy Orton :p

  • Matt

    All jokes aside it makes Ortons situation look even worse. How many suspensions and how many backstage behavioural issues do you hear about with Orton. And compare that to Henry. Yea, the guys hardly a main event main stay but he’s been a reliable guy his whole career. He’s done some pretty awful angles (Mae Young) just to graft his way in this business. People seem to forget that when they’re calling Orton “reliable” and all these complimentary words. here’s to hoping Hebry goes over at Money in the Bank. If only for the night. He deserves it.

    • Xavier

      Orton is a bigger draw then Henry, that’s why he gets paid more. Henry’s contract situation has nothing to do with Orton’s contract situation. If McMahon truly cared about anything else other then money then I definitely agree that Henry should be getting a lot more then Orton.

      • k! ng

        All I know I maybe stupid sometimes but I’m no deaf orton gets massive responses from the crowd. The minority can sit here and complain but the truth is the mass majority of people love him buy his moviez snd t shirts n in this era of marketing that is all that matters.

  • Nostaljack

    He’s working, people. He mentioned the guy he’s feuding with now.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I wonder how it would be if Henry signed with TNA. Not that I want to see that but the dude is a hard worker and persistent. Yet WWE does not give him the value that he is due. I dunno how much he’s making but if he says he’s not making RANDY ORTON money which by now we know is close to 300 K monthly then the poor dude is prob making 50k if not 30!