Mark Henry Speaks On Injury & If He Will Return To WWE

Mark Henry spoke with Kevin W. Reese about his injury and if he will return to WWE. You can the interview embedded in the video below:

  • Adamtrace

    Awesome dude, great attitude!

  • Ace

    Very underrated in my opinion. Been in the business so long and finally got a push but got injured. That sucks. Hope he finds success in whatever he does.

  • dusty588

    I really like Mark Henry.I loved his title run, and I do hope that he has another run before he retires. I wonder if they would ever pair up Henry and Kharma, not as a romantic couple but just as a dominant team, and potential tag teams. I also think it would be cool if Kharma were to win the Diva's Championship, she would go on the mic and say since she isn't a Diva, that she is changing it back to the Women's Champioship.

    • Anand

      I like the womens championship idea 🙂 this divas title is a joke and needs some revival

  • kooolwhip

    Mark Henry very underrated, his title as a monster was great, his mic skills and the way he just put top baby faces down was fun, i really hope he comes back as the beast