Mark Henry Teasing Retirement?

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Mark Henry seems to be teasing retirement. The World's Strongest Man wrote the following on Twitter:

Henry, who is being advertised for this week's WWE Monday Night Raw, assured fans that he was not retiring in a Twitter post earlier this month. Rather, he said he would return when he was healthy. Henry is already in Grand Rapids, where this week's show will emanate from on Monday night. His return was advertised during the pay-per-view broadcast of WWE Payback.

  • LeftyTosser

    Just a guess, but by the sound of the crickets I get the impression no one cares if he retires. He hasn’t been relevant in quite a while. He comes in for a couple of months with his minimal ring skills and then either gets hurt or creative has nothing for him. Congratulations Mark, enjoy retirement. Being a Diva has put you exactly where you did not want to be, completely out of the minds of the fans.

    • TheBigKing1

      Damn you’re such a hater. He has a lot of fans. I see the other websites that is always saying how much they love him..and now that he might be gone, they are all shaking their damn head. He was healthy after his long break, he injured his shoulder by pulling 2 trucks on his back for YOUR entertainment and was only out for a month…because he said he wouldn’t come back last year unless he was fully healthy, or else he wouldn’t come back AT ALL. As far as creative plans, WWE already said they had a lot of creative plans for him after Extreme Rules. They had big plans for him that’s why he got heat for staying out for a whole month, so what are you talking about??? HATER!!!

  • Violet09

    I’m a Mark Henry fan, he’s one of the most truly intimidating talents out there. I sense this is a good way to put over the Wyatt Family as he goes out.