Mark Henry Update

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Mark Henry is fine after the leg/knee injury scare that happened Saturday night in Norfolk, Virginia. Henry competed as scheduled against Kane Sunday night in Baltimore.

Saturday, he and Kane went home quick when Henry appeared to have injured his leg. The referee used the X signal, indicating a non-kayfabe injury.

  • Oh thank The Lord! I’m not the biggest Mark Henry fan but so close to WM to have an injury would be just horrible. Happy he is okay! And good for Ryback too cuz he will have his First WM match.

  • Kenneth

    Does the X still mean non-kayfabe injury though? I’ve seen WWE refs use that in many storylines over the years when the ‘injury’ was clearly kayfabe. I wish I could think of some examples now.

    To be honest I thought they’d incorporated that into the storylines for the sake of drama because ‘everyone knows that X means a serious real injury’.

  • _JIM_

    That’s good news. I’m looking forward to this Ryback feud for some reason.

  • sir-rusty82

    Mark Henry vs Ryback is already looking better than Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger. Glad his injury didnt stop him from going to WM