Marti Funk Calls Out Kevin Nash For "Drunken Homophobic Slur" Regarding John Travolta

The wife of WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk, Marti, is upset at Kevin Nash for his comments questioning the sexuality of John Travolta in a new episode of Kayfabe Commentaries. To catch you up, below are the comments by Nash released in a teaser trailer:

Below are the comments Marti Funk sent to Kayfabe Commentaries that she relayed to us:

TO Kayfabe Memories RE - "YouShoot: Kevin Nash" preview - John Travolta

My husband and I hold your web site in the highest regard and enjoy your hard work on it daily.

However, the latest video of Kevin Nash talking about John Travolta (our neighbor in Ocala, Florida) is complete BULLSHIT!!!

We have known John Travolta for years and Dory Funk (my husband) has had photos taken with John on several occasions and I believe Mr. Nash is playing an old worn out card. Mr. Nash is talking out of his head, and if I were to repeat what some of the girls say about him in his intimate times it would make everyone laugh out loud.

Only a very sad person could twist the attention of an A-lister to something so ridiculously childish.

This drunken homophobic slur from Mr. Nash will go around the world today and hopefully you will feel enough heat to accomplish something more positive for the worldly view of pro-wrestling.

  • Andy

    I don’t really see what’s wrong upon watching the video. He was asked a question and answered it without any of the usual homophobic slurs. I think someone’s just overreacting a tad.

    • I didn’t see Nash use a homophobic slur so I’m unclear why she said that.

      • Win

        It’s very clear. He called him gay. John Travolta hasn’t admitted he was gay. If you call a man thats not gay, gay, thats a gay slur. No matter if you have your suspicions or not, Travolta has not announced he was gay, so it should be considered an insult. If someone in a public interview calls you gay Richard, you telling’ me you would not consider that a insult?!

        • Thanks for the insight. It was clearly meant to insult Travolta and I certainly don’t endorse calling some “gay” to insult, however, he didn’t use a homophobic slur.

        • Andy

          sure, it’s an insult – but as he later stated in the video; there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual, thus I don’t think it was intended as a homophobic slur. I just think this Marti Funk lass has overreacted.

      • Kenneth

        If Nash is telling the truth (who knows knowing Nash) then all he’s done is describe something he claims happened and his opinions regarding Travolta’s sexuality. He didn’t say that Travolta’s perceived homosexuality was a bad thing. He’s made no slurs or insults there at all.
        The ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’ line at the end could be misinterpreted. Like if someone says ‘no offence, but (insert offensive comment here’, in this case they’d read it as ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that… actually we have to say
        that but really we think there is’. It’s intended as a cheap poke at over-political correctness. If someone is extremely sensitive to sarcy humour then they could read it as a cheap poke against homosexuality.
        Methinks Mrs Funk has the wrong end of the stick. Either way she should talk to Nash in private before taking her complaint public.

        • Chris

          Actually, the comment at the end is a play on an old (and very dated) Seinfeld bit where Jerry and George are rumored to be gay.

  • Dangerous Lee

    WTF John Travolta? LOL thought he was dead.

  • Mike

    Does that mean Daren Young is gay? I notice he always puts his hand on Titus O’Neals waist whenever they do the millions of dollar dance. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    WTF Kevin Nash? Thought he was dead LOL