Maryse Says Her Manager Was Happy Of Her WWE Release; Ready For The Serious Stuff

SLAM! Wrestling has a new article online featuring quotes from Maryse. In it, she discusses her journey from the WWE Diva Search to the top of the Diva’s division. Below is an excerpt:

“I knew in my heart that I wanted to leave WWE for a long time. I’m a business woman. I need to build and grow and I didn’t have any interest in the WWE anymore. I was like, next!

“My manager was happy when he heard of my release. He said to me, ‘Now we can start working on the serious stuff.’ I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. I have been with the WWE for six fantastic years, but now I want to do more.

“I would go back to WWE, for a million dollars and a main event match at Wrestlemania. But, no TNA.”

Click here to read the full article.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the link.

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  • Bobby

    It sounds to be that Maryse just used WWE as a stepping stone.

    • Zack

      Just like WWE uses Diva's as eye candy. That's what they get for hiring models who wrestle, and doing nothing with Gail Kim type divas.

    • Alex

      So, can you blame her? Look at how WWE treats women in the company.

  • Da KiDD

    I'm gonna miss seeing her sexy tail…oooooweeeeee!! Both her and Kelly are fine, but Maryse had more sex appeal

  • Matt K

    A million dollars? lol. She overestimates her actual talent.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Her manager obviously is not a Wrestling fan if he was happy she was done with Wrestling.

    • Alex

      Can't really blame him for that. Lets be honest, this isn't the attitude era anymore. Wrestling isn't considered cool in pop culture anymore.

  • Kevin

    Maryse will be sorely missed. She was by far the HOTTEST Diva the WWE had. How could they let her go? I miss the Playboy days, when Divas were featured in my favorite magazine. I kept hoping they'd do a special issue of Playboy, featuring nothing but the WWE Divas. Maryse would be perfect for a Playboy layout. Maybe that's what she meant by being ready for a new project. We can only hope.