Maryse Won't Rule Out WWE Return, Miz Doesn't Like Long Workouts, Wedding Watch, JR Updates

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- Maryse Ouellet told Chris Kelly in London on Monday that she doesn't watch Total Divas but wouldn't rule out a return to WWE in the future. You can listen to the interview in its entirety at this link.

- Speaking of Maryse, The Miz admitted he hates being in the gym for more than an hour. You can read his comments at this link.

- Maryse and Miz are scheduled to wed in February 2014.

- Jim Ross has new blog entries online here and here.

  • Gary Robert

    Maryse will not marry Miz b/c thats just ridiculous….and we will do the naked pretzel together, instead.

    • Matt

      Sounds like someone is envy, it must be hard finding a date huh little guy

  • Avalanchian

    Maryse would surely fit the role of a Total Diva and would be nice to have back.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    Maryse and Miz are getting married. When I first heard they were a couple, I was in shock. Miz is one lucky SOB!

  • Lebron James

    It would probably benefit The Miz’s career if he hit the gym for more than an hour. No wonder he’s doughy.