Match Bumped From TNA Hardcore Justice

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Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter:

We posted the Hardcore Justice lineup earlier here at Given the fact that Kurt Angle is in rehab, it will be interesting to see how they will handle this match in the first place.

TNA will tape this week's Hardcore Justice episode of Impact Wrestling and next week's episode on Thursday night from the Constant Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • LBP365

    Well, there goes the best reason to watch this week. But hopefully Bully ray can make this a great night his ring work is (at the moment) the best.

  • John

    If the 8/22 Impact is being taped this week on the same night as Hardcore Justice, why do they need to delay it? Am i missing something here?

    • Charlie

      You’re not the only one bro, that confuses me as well

      • Jesse Sherwood

        I’m betting that MEM will ad a member at Hardcore Justice so they can do the match the following week. TNA is trying to put a logical progression here.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Lol @ “situation beyond their control” just say it Dixie, Kurt Angle won’t be able to be in the match! I think it’s great that he’s going to rehab and the match should really just go 4 on 4!