Matches Advertised For WWE Tour Of Australia, Del Rio Not At Smackdown Taping, John Cena Divorce Expected To Get Ugly

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- Wrestling News World reader Kirsty sent word that WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan in a Submissions Match and John Cena vs. Lord Tensai with John Laurinaitis were advertised for the late-August/early-September Raw tour of Australia.

- Alberto Del Rio didn't appear at this week's Smackdown taping but an interview to promote his inclusion in the World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Over the Limit this Sunday is expected to be added in post-production.

- I'm told a gag order is expected to be put in place between John Cena and his future ex-wife Liz Huberdeau. One source told me the two have been together so long that Liz "knows everything" and the divorce has the potential to get very ugly.

  • thatguy

    what can she possibly say? "oh he had sex with ring rats". well of course that's only about 96% of wrestlers, or rock bands on tour. you are on the road for so long its going to happen

  • Kleck

    No divorce is pretty especially with the amount of money she is trying to leech away. I feel bad for John. I pray this dark chapter ends as quickly as possible.

  • Kerri

    Divorce sucks, plain and simple, and I do feel bad for Cena that his marriage is ending and they both deserve their privacy during this………..BUT, I kinda want to hear some small tidbits from Liz after things are done, not for Cena to get bashed in anyway, but I guess it's just human/wrestling fan nature to want to hear of these types of things. I can't be completely alone here on this, can I?

  • kevin

    You pray for it to end quickly, john cena could care less if you were getting a divorce. She was gonna ask for a divorce first because he was with other women he said let's work it out so he could ask for one first and protect his reputation.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    you just have to love how getting a divorce allways leads to both sides saying bad things about each other and being so dam greedy. then depending on the couple a year later you hear "Oh we are still great Friends"

    Yeah right.. I'm so Glad I'm single makes my life a hell of a lot easier.

  • Dustyn

    Cena, get Otunga as your lawyer!

    • Andy

      I Believe he is still Undefeated, probably a good choice

  • christopher525

    Wonder if she has some steroid info.

  • Philip Thompson

    I like John Cena, Liz should learn to rise above hate. Yeah, Otunga should represent Cena.

  • Jim

    I don't understand how Cena's divorce can get ugly. If his wife signed a "pre-nup" then she's out of luck. What's the point in even having a prenuptual agreement if they are never enforced by the courts? She signed it and was fkine with it then, so she would be living with it now if I was Cena. Hope he doesn't get put through the ringer like Hogan did. How Linda wound up legally getting 70% of Hogan's money is just ridiculous. Especially when she did nothing to earn any of it, but she sure spent it like she did. Have some self respect ladies!

  • Hardy

    I don't see why people can't just respect others privacy, I mean I know it's going to happen when he's a iconic figure and celebs get this sort of attention. That being said I just wish that this sort of thing would stay between those involved, it's not for us to know or our business to start with. I hope that they both find a middle ground where they are both happy.

  • Carrie

    Seriously hope that John Cena comes out on top of things here. I am a woman and I totally understand how bad divorce is and when I went through my divorce I wouldn't have been so nice to the guy but seriously if she signed a pre-nup she's screwed and she deserves it if she did. Sorry ladies but if you sign it you should have to abide by it. Honestly the damn court system should uphold it to.

  • kok

    Wwe in australia is hectic been going to the sydney show for 10 years can wait for august 31