Matt Bloom Returns To WWE As Lord Tensai On Tonight's Raw Supershow

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Matt Bloom returned to WWE on tonight's Raw Supershow as Lord Tensai. He was accompanied to the ring by Sakamoto. Michael Cole acknowledged Tensai as a former WWE star that went to Japan and found success and has returned.

Sakamoto, who has been training in Florida Championship Wrestling, was signed to a WWE developmental contract late last year. He is a student of former WWE star Taka Michinoku.

In his debut, Tensai squashed Alex Riley.

For those that do not remember, Tensai's former WWE gimmicks included A-Train and Albert. He worked in New Japan Pro Wrestling as Giant Bernard, having success in tag teams with Tyson Tomko and later with Karl Anderson.

  • steve2


  • guest

    OMG, another over the hill reject. when is enough enough?

  • Geezer

    Yeah, it was fairly lame. You can't a Japanese lord that doesn't look Asian.

  • Sam The Man

    Nice improvment. He could have succes wher Brodus Clay is failing.

  • j8duong

    Best part were the "A-Train" chants during his match LOL the fans remember!

  • tyciol

    Only Yoshi Tatsu can stop him.

  • H.M.

    Such an awesome re-debut. Such an awesome character repackaging. You can tell the crowd loved it.

    And I guess Riley's on the chopping block for the post WM releases?

  • jdl

    Hmmm. Could go either way, hopefully they push him properly, although I question the Japanese themed gimmick for a man who is clearly not Japanese.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well as a person who has never seen any of his other gimicks this looks like a good match for him ? i might have to watch a few YouTube Clips

  • DoJo

    Sooooo slllllllloooooowwww……….. I hate it when WWE do these lame gimmicks that will never get over!!!!! As a wrestler he looked good even in the squash BUT unless he turns into a MONSTER it will never work – look for a LOT of tweaking for Tensai…….. PS editing was off again last night – was I the only one who saw Tensai put a pellet in his mouth during close up for the ‘super spit claw’!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr.Cool

    I loved his gimmick.

  • Ronan

    @ geezer. Take what you get,know your role and shut your mouth

  • bill

    daniel bryan daniel bryan daniel bryan daniel bryan

  • Steve l

    I liked it reminded me of Vaders old gimmick an American with a Japanese style. I dont think he is intende to be japanese just an American who lived there and adopted the cultiure. Ithink its cool. Ecotic yet familiar.

  • Paul

    Matt bloom sucks

  • Chris

    He went to Japan. He picked up Japanese styling. No one is pretending he is Japanese. No one saw him trying to speak Japanese. No one said he was Japanese.

    Let’s have a think, shall we. Hmmm. Non-Japanese people with a Japanese gimmick. Yeah. You’re totally right. Awful. Would never work. I mean, you’d never put someone in the hall of fame who did that kind of gimmick, right. Right? Oh. No. Wait. Yoko freaking zuna.

  • Philip Thompson

    This gimmick clearly didn't get over this week on RAW – there were some chants from the crowd to let the world know that this was just Albert in a new gimmick but there were far more chants of 'boring' and 'Yes, yes, yes' – the crowd weren't interested in the match whatsoever, and it was a pretty boring match and uncomfortable viewing because Alex Riley didn't deserve to get squashed without being able to put up any defense whatsoever. Poorly judged and poorly executed – why push somebody who is old, overweight and just not that good and bury people who are young and talented?

  • Wendy

    I liked him back in the day as Prince Albert when he was paired with Droz. The Japenese gimmick just didn't quite hit the mark though. Maybe it would have worked better if he'd lost the facial and nipple piercings…

    I do love Brodus Clay's funky gimmick thought 🙂