Matt Hardy Back In Court Today

Matt Hardy was scheduled to be back in a Moore County, North Carolina court room today to respond to three felony drug charges, violation of a court order, driving while impaired and exceeding safe speed.

Hardy is also scheduled for a court dates in Wake County, North Carolina on March 8th for driving while impaired and on April 9th for reckless driving.

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  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Hardy’s spelled backwards is LOSERS!

    • Dangerous Lee

      Apparently you don’t know how to spell….

  • Aj


  • Jim

    Wow… I heard that he had gotten into trouble, but 3 felony drug charges? OUCH! Guess he had full pockets when he got stopped by police for the wreckless driving. What an idiot. U wanna talk about someone with a self destructive personality? That’d be Mr. Matthew Hardy. I sure hope Jeff steers clear of him and keeps himself on the right path. Cause I don’t see him getting another chance like this again.

  • Jerome

    Acrually it’s sydrah

  • vivalajady

    is it just me or do they keep getting in trouble

  • Kevin

    My how the mighty have fallen. What happened to these guys? The Hardys were a great tag team. One of the best ever. Then the drugs hit and they hit bottom. Such a shame, such a waste. Guys bust their asses for years trying to get to the top and can't get in, and then along comes guys like Matt and Jeff and Evan Bourne, given a great opportunity and blowing it. Especially Evan Bourne. At least the Hardys had a few good years before they fell.

  • BO L