Latest On Matt Hardy, Brock Lesnar Hated?, Divas After Departures, Where WWE Goes With Ryback

What's the latest on Matt Hardy?

Matt Hardy put the word out on Sunday that he was going to be fine. He was significantly injured at the Extreme Rising show on Saturday in Pennsylvania. Hardy was seen throwing up at ringside and initially showed no sign of movement. He was able to get up and is believed to have suffered a concussion. Hardy put out a YouTube video on his status that you can view at this link.

Was Brock Lesnar really hated when he was a top guy in WWE back in the early 2000s?

Brock Lesnar hated the WWE way of life, didn't like being on the road all the time and was known for being a prima donna backstage. This business isn't for everyone and Lesnar didn't care how much money he was making, he didn't have the passion that is required to work as a pro wrestler. As with anyone, some liked him and others didn't but the bottom-line is he didn't like always being on the road. Things are much different with Brock in WWE today as he is very disconnected to the business as he does what he is told and collects his paycheck.

Given all the Divas that have left WWE over the past few months, what's the latest on the division?

Eve Torres is the new face of the WWE Divas division with Kaitlyn and Aksana also having significant roles. AJ Lee is basically where Eve was several months ago when she was the "executive assistant" of John Laurinaitis, as she is in a prominent role but not currently a viable challenger for the Divas Championship. There are clearly big plans to push Tamina Snuka as a heel in a role where she is friendly with Vickie Guerrero. While WWE could give programs for the Divas Championship more build, I don't completely agree with Edge that there are no opportunities. AJ Lee has a huge opportunity right now in a very prominent angle on Raw with Vickie and John Cena.

With Ryback basically losing again where does WWE go from here?

WWE is in a world of trouble with Ryback following what was essentially a loss at Survivor Series. Let me be clear. I'm excited to see Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get called up to the main WWE roster but I hate how Ryback was booked at both Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. The premise for Ryback's character is that he is the "unstoppable monster" that needs to be "fed more." As soon as he's "fed," he can't handle it. Some people are taking this as me being high up on Ryback over the IWC darlings, which is unfounded. I'd be fine with guys like Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, etc. running the company without guys like Ryback being in the main event picture. However, now that Ryback has been chosen for a push they have to push him. The blatant lack of confidence in putting him over compounded with the holding pattern they are in with Punk for Royal Rumble is making for intolerable booking. Either push him or don't book him in the main event. At this point Ryback means nothing more than a mid-card talent and he's lost a significant amount of steam.

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  • channesson

    Unless ryback takes everyone out tonight… He could be looked at like an unstoppable monster.. I still don’t agree with this title run with Punk because if Rock beats him for the title than he looks weak so does ryback and Cena.. The Rock has two matches since wrestlemania 20.. Had they had ryback go over at hiac than lose it at tlc back to punk it would have been better..

  • peter

    Once again Richard you give us your armchair criticism about Ryback and once again you are so wrong about him, by calling him a mid-card talent is a disgrace, you show that you really don't know alot about the business ,I've been watching wrestling since the early 80s and have seen it all, I reckon I know a hell of alot more about the business then you do and I don't even live in the US.

    • Hitman310

      how is it a disgrace? all he has done was beat on jobbers for a long minute and then he moved on to some lower card talent. If it wasn't for vince falling in love with his looks he would still be skip sheffield.

    • luminiere

      Bla bla bla

    • Blaze

      I hope you were paying attention in grammar class since the 80's. You run on sentence gave me diabetes.

      • steve2

        That's the stupidest thing I've ever read. Congratulations.

      • Blazeking


        Just sayin'….

    • Tony P.

      You’ve seen it, he’s backstage so clearly he knows more than you do.

      • Robert olley

        Richard has sources backstage he’s not actually backstage himself.

    • Don

      Everyone…PETER GRIFFIN!!!

    • Ben

      If u don’t like Richards’ constructive criticism and opinions find another wrestling website that satisfies you.

    • Gary

      Peter, you're a clown.

  • David

    Seen many comments saying Richard is wrong and Ryback hasn’t been hurt given he’s ‘nearly won’ WWE title twice before getting screwed out of it. I see their point but I’m with Richard on the bad booking.

    In my opinion if you’re going to screw Ryback out of the title, you had to have Punk steal a pin on Cena by suddenly chucking Ryback out the ring after he had put Cena down himself. You get the ONLY scenario that works. Punk is champ (has to happen as WWE in a corner with Rock coming up) and Ryback looking dominant. Even then it’s not ideal overall but it is what it is.

    The problem with the outside interference is where do they go now?? You have Ryback (I assume) wanting payback on the NXT guys. Ryback can’t lose that feud but what’s the point in calling up the next developmental workers in the manner they have just to have them lose straight off the bat? Their credibility would be shot before they even started.

    • Joey

      I agree with you 100%, but I feel like this most likely will go down that road. (example. Brad Maddox)

  • Frenchfry

    So.. youre saying because Ryback didnt win the match that his push is killed? Nah.

  • Ego Trip

    If the WWE is going to save Ryback they are going to have to have him go over someone of decent stature to save his credibility and it will need to be done soon. Either it is someone who gets DQ'd, then he wins and destroys them afterwards or he gets the clean win. If they want him to stay viable they have to act quickly.

  • Ray

    I still say they could of made Ryback out of Ezekiel Jackson. LoL when’s Ryback gonna get pyro?

    • Blazeking

      We've found Trent. Now we have to find Ezekiel.

  • steve2

    I think Ryback will win the Rumble.

    • Andrew Ace

      Nah Cena is gonna win the rumble to set up Cena vs Rock 2 for the title. It was set up at raw 1000 when they said they look forward to seeing each other again.

  • Cheddar

    I''m glad they smartened up and I believe Ryback is there doing what he was meant to do all along…get these new guys over. Hear me out for just a second.

    I went to Raw in Nashville on October the 15th, the night of the contract signing for HIAC. The "Feed me more" chant were not loud there at all. They were sort of scattered, nobody in my section was chanting it. It is more of a phenomenon like "the wave" you see at other sporting events, except maybe only1/3 of the arena were chanting it. For those that I saw chanting, they joined in just because others were chanting. I mean there were kids in CM Punk t-shirts chanting feed me more. When we got home that night, I downloaded that episode of Raw. The "Feed Me More" chants were SO loud on the TV. They definitely put a little more oomph into those chants for the television broadcast. So he's not even over, at all. There's just an illusion that he is over.

    Now, my theory is that people in the back aren't as high up on Ryback as we all might think. He's been there for 8 or more years, so they can't have that much confidence in him. I think the higher ups saw Ryback's character as a way to finally get some of these NXT guys onto the roster and get them over, by stopping this "unbeatable" monster.

    Ryback will be low-mid card or off of TV by this time next year.

  • ECW Arena

    You can save Ryback by having him go berserk on Raw tonight, destroying the set and some heels. Have the board of directors announce do to him being out of control he is suspended. Have him periodically show up and cause havoc. He is suspended through TLC and can still look dominant

  • FEED HIM MORE!……but not too much, because he can't handle it.

  • jdl

    The whole "Ryback can't handle it" is somewhat facetious. He completely dominated both WWE title matches he's been in, it took three guys to get him away from Cena and Punk long enough for a pin to happen. To me, and to anyone with common sense, that maintains his characters enough that so long as he starts going after Rollins and co. things will be fine.

  • John

    To be honest, if this is the end of Ryback's push then i think we should all be extremely grateful! I'm sorry but Ryback is absolutely horrendous in the ring! He is a danger to everyone who is put in the ring with him & if they keep pushing him as an aggressive monster then it's only a matter of time before he seriously hurts someone in the ring. Bill Goldberg was equally as terrible in the ring & he went on to end the career of one of the greatest wrestler's of all time.. It's only a matter of time before Ryback does the same thing!

    I for one will be glad when he's taken off TV for the sake of his fellow workers.

    • Tom

      I agree with that, when he first got the hell in a cell match all I could think about was Goldberg and Bret Hart

    • The arbiter

      He is a far better worked than Goldberg was when he hit the big time….. actually, hes better than Goldberg ever was. Hes nto great, but seriously, still better than GB. That guy was a mess

  • willie

    If you a true wrestling fan you know cena go win the rumble and challenge the Rock when he beat cm punk at the rumble………