Matt Hardy Clarifies His Claim That He "Pioneered" The Rise Of Social Media In Wrestling

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Matt Hardy had the following to say on his official Facebook page, regarding his recent comments that he pioneered the rise of social media in professional wrestling, including inspiring Zack Ryder:

"I saw an article online from an interview I did where @ZackRyder's name was brought up. I never took any credit for @ZackRyder's professional success that he created himself. I did mention that when Zack was in limbo direction-wise in WWE between characters that we had a conversation about self-promotion. We talked about his YouTube videos and the whole idea of using them to build a following, garner attention, and get himself on WWE's creative radar. I only suggested to Zack to be creative, be different, and try to create a character that was an extension of himself and then help people understand it on his own, with whatever forums he had to work with. I know Adam (Edge) also gave Zack ideas and suggestions about getting back in the WWE TV mix. Zack's a good dude and has always been a hard-worker who is very passionate and dedicated to his craft of sports entertainment. Regardless of who suggested this theory to him, whether it was me, Edge, or anyone else, Zack Ryder is the one who actually EXECUTED it and made it work.

"Here's where I step up for myself though, and call things like I see them. I do feel like I played a major role in ushering in the modern era of "Pro Wrestlers utilizing the Internet/Social Media" to develop and familiarize people with their personality/character. I may not have been the first professional wrestler to use the Internet/Social Media, but no one utilized it as powerfully as I did in 2005 after I was released from WWE. I admit, I addressed personal issues publicly out of anger in the beginning, which was a bad decision. But most people still feel that the repercussions that followed, which led to me being fired, were probably too severe for my actual actions. After that, I was brutally open with my fans, and I told my story globally via the world wide web, and men and women worldwide identified and related with me. The chants of "We Want Matt" soon went viral because the men and women that had heard my story were so connected with me. The WWE then hired me back and the wrestling fans got what that wanted and it all became part of a very emotional WWE television story. The whole scenario was made possible because of the Internet and the Social Media platforms I utilized to tell my story and let people know who Matt Hardy was at the time. I may not have been the first pro wrestler to use the internet, but NO ONE had ever used the internet that powerfully and reached and connected to so many people emotionally because of it. Even thought I EXECUTED the idea via the internet, the people that backed me made it a realization and a success. God bless all of those amazing people that supported me during that time. The support was absolutely overwhelming, and I could never thank all those people enough.

"With that said, since then people have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from me through the internet and Social Media. I've lived the majority of my life as an open book, and that's been both beneficial and detrimental at times for me. It's taken long enough, but after many mistakes, trials and tribulations, I can say with 100% confidence-I'm on the pulse of a happy and healthy life. And I will never deviated from my current path again-in neither the real world, or the cyber world. To learn more about my journey, visit my social media forums at..

  • Dre

    Matt who oh yeah Jeff's brother can never grab that spotlight must be cold in jeff's shadow

  • Paul

    Matt hardy is an idiot

  • mehartze

    Matt Hardy who?

  • Dave Barton

    Actually, the chats were “You screwed Matt”…just to clarify.

  • Lenny

    What a jackass Matt hardy is! Always looking for way to put himself over and stay relevant when in reality he know nobody cares about him anymore! This guy, is the most pathetic post-wwe wrestler I have ever seen! He was never really over in wwe, ppl just felt sorry for him because he got cheated on and lost his job. It’s something a common person identifies with but once this whole love triangle thing blew over what happened? People no longer cared! Edge went on to become one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time and Matt
    hardy is a fat has been who couldn’t even hack it in TNA of all places!

  • Jas

    I sure hope ol' Sloppy Hardy doesn't hurt Johnny Gargano in their match this weekend. Perhaps Matt can pick up some pointers on how to be charismatic from "The Whole Shebang"… and then tweet about it.

  • Jaycee

    See, this is why people can't take Matt seriously anymore or at least I can't.

  • Matt hardy invented wrestling

  • smithmiester

    Matt all this does is lead me to believe your still not clean. Get a job!… Oh yeah I forgot

  • outkazt09

    “OMG who the hèll cares” matt jobber. Always has and will be a jobber in wrestling and in life.

  • Dave

    Windows 8 was Matt Hardy’s idea.

  • HHHRedmonster

    I guarantee that everyone who commented on this article didn't even read it. Biased band-wagon hoppers.

    • Dom

      Matt Hardy invented reading.

    • Anand

      I guess it is the same individual using different names and posting random thoughts. In fact, not one of them makes any sense with respect to the article…

      These kind of comments must not be approved by Admins 🙂

  • DrAwkward

    Matt Hardy can grind coffee with his teeth and boil water with his own rage.

  • Dan

    Matt Hardy invented Mark Zuckerberg.

  • LeBron James

    You guys are seriously a bunch of idiots. Matt Hardy has a legit point. He's been using social media since the Myspace days to connect with his fans. He was one of the first to create a Youtube account, AND have a big following with it. He's right when he says he "Pioneered" the rise of social media within wrestling. Don't just clown on Matt for no reason.

    • Paul

      Matt hardy invented YouTube and myspace so he could pioneer social media in wrestling.
      He also discovered America

  • TJ_Powers

    I don't get why everyone is reacting this way to Matt Hardy. He wrote about trying to help a fellow superstar get attention, and simply saying how he was one of the first wrestlers to use the internet to garner attention… first off, he is telling the truth… not many wrestlers at that time had Twitter or a Youtube channel and he took time to answer to his fans…. something many guys still don't do to this day. Alot of the guys uses Twitter because the WWE is making them, and they stay in character. Matt used it to either reach out to fans or to vent out when things were tough for him. He had alot of problems and I won't defend his downward spiral, he went threw so much stuff in his life… I don't understand why people have to bash him and troll on him so much, when he was the guy who stayed faithful to a company for so many years compared to his brother, who even though is much more popular, never seemed to be passionate about his career… quit the WWE TWICE! Once he was champion and still wasn't happy… yet Matt was fired because his Girlfriend was sleeping with another wrestler… he was penalized for being cheated on to avoid trouble… he was made fun of because his brother quit the company… they had him drop the biggest championship he had (ECW Championship) because the WWE changed their minds about a storyline and had him feud with his brother at Wrestlemania… and they ended his career by having him job to everyone… because his brother quit… bottom line… this guy endured alot, and even now that he is working so hard to fix his issues only to be chasticized yet again!?