Matt Hardy Released From Jail; Bond Lowered Under Condition He Re-Enter Rehab

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Matt Hardy's bond was reduced from $1,000,000 to $100,000 under the condition he be released only to re-enter treatment for substance abuse on Monday morning. Hardy has since been released on bail.

“This was done over the state's objection,” District Attorney Maureen Krueger said of District Court Judge Robert Wilkins' decision.

Hardy must continue and complete treatment or he'll go back to jail, however, bond will then be set at $250,000. Hardy was kicked out of rehab earlier this month after failing a Breathalyzer test.   He denied to that he had been drinking and said he failed the test because of mouthwash.

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Thanks to Wrestling News World writer Rick Craig for sending this in.

  • Whammaster

    this is what i like to call the KAS (Kurt Angle Syndrome) where you blame something that you obviously have done on something almost know one will buy in order to maintain appearance. (der … my twitter was hackz!)

    KAS is a treatable disease, and Matt is going through the process slowly. However the first step is admitting, and not back dooring after (remember his youtube post of what everyone thought was suicide?).

  • Jamie

    I want to think the best of him but……How long will he be in rehab for this time?

  • LukeT

    So jeff and Matt have swapped in a way now.

  • like i have said on other wrestling sites I think it is clear by now that Matt Hardy is beyond help you can't help those who can't even help their selves. I don't feel sorry for him he did this on his own and his so called girlfriend Reby has done nothing to help him. All she has done is aid his habits and of course post a nasty picture of him and her nude together EW! I use to respect him but now I don't at least Jeff is trying to get his life back together Matt should do the same.

  • mike

    I hope he does prove all of the marks who have had nothing but negative things to say wrong. Don't get me wrong I never was a huge Matt fan but I know that at the end of the day wrestlers are only human. Fans hold wrestlers on a high horse but what y'all need to remember is that they are human just like you and I. Wrestlers that have problems don't need to read that fans are downing them they need all the love that you can give, remember only God can judge us everytime you judge another person you commit a sin. Get better Matt prove all of your haters wrong Hardy never dies.