Matt Morgan Gone From TNA Wrestling

I’m able to independently confirm that Matt Morgan requested to be released from his contract with TNA Wrestling and his request was granted.

Morgan first came to TNA Wrestling in August 2007 and is a former two-time TNA Tag Team Champion.  He was also involved in the company’s Ring Ka King promotion in India where he reigned as their first heavyweight champion.

Unlike the releases last week, this was Matt asking out of his contract and not a cut made for reasons related to budget.  This was ultimately Matt’s request and his request was granted.

This news was first reported by Jason Powell of

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  • Lindsay

    Wow! Hope he goes back to WWE and they utilize the talented big man!

  • GuyLandau

    So much for “future focal point of the company”…

  • Matt

    How do you independently confirm someone else’s story?

    • Richard Gray

      Easy, someone texted me the report so I made a couple calls and confirmed it with my sources. I added Jason’s link as a sign of professional courtesy.

      • pyman

        hi why did tna rlesaese matt morgan

        • Richard Gray

          Matt requested his release, we can confirm. His request was granted.

          • HazMatt23

            Sooooo, his cryptic Tweets about a return to WWE can begin…when? Not that that’s a bad thing. Good for him creating his own buzz again.

        • GuyLandau

          he requested his release, according to the article.

    • Lance Uppercut

      By proving that it’s not fake

  • Nostaljack

    Cool. He wasn’t that big of a deal. Likely his attitude didn’t help.

  • Harlie Boucher

    I wonder why he request his release.

  • pyman

    matt morgan wasnt been used right in tna

  • Stoney

    I hope dipshit Dixie does something nice for hulk hogan and buys him a nice house on the beach on the conditions that he leaves TNA and never bothers the wrestling world again

  • Bob

    Was it Heyman who went to bat for Morgan in OVW or was it Cornette?

    • BIG M

      Most likely cornette can’t see Morgan being a Paul heymen guy Jimmy has allways had a hard on for the big boys only thing him and Vince agreed on.

  • dunlap84

    He must miss Joey Ryan.

  • phil

    Morgan vs Ryback or Lesnar?

    • iamjohnnymcb

      replace lesnar with goldberg, why do u have to put lesnar who is super talented with 2 guys who cant wrestle

  • frenchfry

    Well he’d certainly fit in to the Wyatt family look

    • Robert Olley

      My thoughts aswell hes big,bearded,talented

  • Kenneth

    My eyes… they bleed. I’ve been known for posting a wall of text or two in my time but that is insane.

    Paragraphing is your friend.

    On the other hand it’s all valid content.

  • Charles

    After being buried by Sting… really really buried (7ft. 300lbs and a 54 year old beats you so bad you pass out) I’d have asked to be released immediately. He was clearly going nowhere in TNA.