Matt Morgan Gone From TNA Wrestling

I'm able to independently confirm that Matt Morgan requested to be released from his contract with TNA Wrestling and his request was granted.

Morgan first came to TNA Wrestling in August 2007 and is a former two-time TNA Tag Team Champion.  He was also involved in the company's Ring Ka King promotion in India where he reigned as their first heavyweight champion.

Unlike the releases last week, this was Matt asking out of his contract and not a cut made for reasons related to budget.  This was ultimately Matt's request and his request was granted.

This news was first reported by Jason Powell of

  • Lindsay

    Wow! Hope he goes back to WWE and they utilize the talented big man!

  • GuyLandau

    So much for “future focal point of the company”…

  • Matt

    How do you independently confirm someone else’s story?

    • Easy, someone texted me the report so I made a couple calls and confirmed it with my sources. I added Jason’s link as a sign of professional courtesy.

      • hi why did tna rlesaese matt morgan

        • Matt requested his release, we can confirm. His request was granted.

          • HazMatt23

            Sooooo, his cryptic Tweets about a return to WWE can begin…when? Not that that’s a bad thing. Good for him creating his own buzz again.

        • GuyLandau

          he requested his release, according to the article.

    • Lance Uppercut

      By proving that it’s not fake

  • Nostaljack

    Cool. He wasn’t that big of a deal. Likely his attitude didn’t help.

  • Harlie Boucher

    I wonder why he request his release.

  • NO BS

    He knew that that wall of that Hogan put up he was never going to get over the way he should have been. Before Hogan and Bischoff came in, he was going to be a big deal but then of course because Dixie who has no clue on how to run a wrestling business went along with anything he did. If you watch BFG from 09, Dixie herself even said he was the future of TNA or something along the lines of that. As soon as Hogan came in and made it known he was going to push who he wants while bringing in that fat fuck Bubba Love Sponge and his slut daughter along with his yes man in Bischoff, then there was going to be change, yeah not for the better. Talk about being hypocritical. Lets look at the obvious, there’s no real change in the ratings except for a slight bump every so often which isn’t saying much seeing as TNA were drawing nearly the same amount with just their talent, now TNA is overspending paying douchebags like Hogan and his stupid ass daughter to do nothing but take up space and cut promos that are meaningless. All this because Hogan still believes he’s of any resemblance of what he was in the 80’s, everyone has to deal with his backwards philosophy on what wrestling should be like. The only exceptions are making Aries and Bully TNA champion which is very cool but making Abyss into some annoying ass character while bring back one of the biggest sluts in Velvet just shows how the mentality of them. It doesn’t really say much when people still only see them as an indy company with a tv deal. They try so hard to compete and they are nowhere near WWE’s level and its’ been over 10 years with no signs of any ratings increase and you know why? Because no one wants to see recycled gimmicks or boring ones. A&8’s? It’s just another version of the NWO but with a motorcycle gimmick and lets not forget that neither Wes or that other Bischoff can’t wrestle to save their life but because of their last name, they are automatically considered to be a great addition? That’s like saying they hire that Von Erich girl because they thought she was going to be on some length as her famous family. It’s ignorance pure and simple. Just because you have a famous last name doesn’t mean you are going to be anywhere near what your famous family member accomplished. I hate this notion that people are giving them praise because they are actually sticking to an angle with the A&8’s but it doesn’t justify that there’s no real meaning behind the faction other than making Bully a leader of something which a nice change but not letting Morgan become champion or even a contender by now shows that Hogan just cannot let anyone be bigger than Hulkamania is……brother. I’d like to know just how many times have we seen Bully and Hogan almost in the same segment or even making his presence noticed just because everyone else is beneath him. I truly believe Hogan still has a mindset that because he helped create the wrestling boom, he is better than anyone else in TNA. It doesn’t say much that he’s running a company without any real leadership despite what Dixie says that she is in control…yeah maybe on paper but unless you’re living in stupidity then you know Hogan sure as hell pulls her strings cause lets looks at the facts, when TNA first came around it Jeff Jarrett along with Vince Russo was the main force behind creative. Jarrett help find TNA along with a buyer but eventually lost control and Russo became head of creative. That right there should tell you that Dixie has no sense. if not for her parents helping to fund the company, she would just be another nameless contradictory hypocrite….which isn’t really much of a difference now. The only difference is her giving this facade that TNA is so family friendly when that only pertains to a certain amount of people. Now we’ll see another 6 months of A&8’s feuding with MEM because Sting just cannot retire or Hogan for that matter.

    They can’t come up with nothing else so lets bring MEM back but it’s with a twist, they’ll add Magnus. Wow no one saw that coming.Way to go TNA. Coming up with the same shit you did only 3 years ago. It takes sure genius to come up with that idea. What a joke. They just can’t make Angle kick their asses and have him become TNA champion because HE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE IN A&8’s but they just have to have 50 year Sting stay around and because Hogan doesn’t have any confidence because he’s a giant prick and let Joe become an actual condenter, lets make him part of MEM again, that’ll solve everything. I wouldn’t be surprise if Roode was the 5th man seeing as they aren’t doing shit with but it’s not like they were doing much aside from him teaming with Aries for a short time. You know it seems that whenever things look like they are on a roll, Hogan and his minions have to fuck shit up as usual. They just couldn’t have a stabilized tag division. They have this retarded BFG series. What is this the AWA? Can’t they come up with something else. I’m sure Jeff Hardy will find his way to a number one contender again and what’s the deal with turning AJ Styles into this loner character? Is there a point? Do they really have nothing else but change his gimmick. The whole dark AJ is just to reminiscent of what Sting was doing in WCW but of course without coming down from the rafters with the obvious Crow influence but wait wasn’t Hogan a part of that order? Instead of trying to change someones gimmick, maybe they should focus on what they are known for like oh I don’t know being themselves. It’s like someone (probably one of the 3 stooges in Hogan, Pritchard and Bischoff) said I have an idea, lets make a darker version of AJ even though there’s no reason to. I really hate wrestling politics.

  • matt morgan wasnt been used right in tna

  • Stoney

    I hope dipshit Dixie does something nice for hulk hogan and buys him a nice house on the beach on the conditions that he leaves TNA and never bothers the wrestling world again

  • Bob

    Was it Heyman who went to bat for Morgan in OVW or was it Cornette?

    • BIG M

      Most likely cornette can’t see Morgan being a Paul heymen guy Jimmy has allways had a hard on for the big boys only thing him and Vince agreed on.

  • dunlap84

    He must miss Joey Ryan.

  • phil

    Morgan vs Ryback or Lesnar?

    • iamjohnnymcb

      replace lesnar with goldberg, why do u have to put lesnar who is super talented with 2 guys who cant wrestle

  • frenchfry

    Well he’d certainly fit in to the Wyatt family look

    • Robert Olley

      My thoughts aswell hes big,bearded,talented

  • Kenneth

    My eyes… they bleed. I’ve been known for posting a wall of text or two in my time but that is insane.

    Paragraphing is your friend.

    On the other hand it’s all valid content.

  • Charles

    After being buried by Sting… really really buried (7ft. 300lbs and a 54 year old beats you so bad you pass out) I’d have asked to be released immediately. He was clearly going nowhere in TNA.