Matt Morgan Returning To WWE Behind New Cryptic Videos?

In one of the new "A Revolution is Coming" viral videos currently airing over on, there appears to be a close-up shot of Matt Morgan.

It's believed Morgan has ran through all the dates on his TNA contract and in April, he wouldn't rule out a return to WWE.

With that being said, I have not heard the definitive word as to who WWE plans to bring back behind the videos although the campaign is scheduled to conclude with a return on next week's Raw Supershow.

  • Dexter

    Could be but on that video isn’t there close ups of Kurt Angle, The Rock and D-X to name a few?

    Could it see a return of Lesnar again?

    • Brad

      I would Love Matt Morgan to be utilized as the talent he is, in the wwe…awesome if this is true

  • craig

    Wait so another ruthless aggression wrestler that is much improved (snickers) and ready for the main event. Where have we heard this one before…..oh yeah Tensai. #Flop

  • ShanND

    I actually thought it looked more like Conor O'Brian or even CM Punk (bit more of a stretch there).

  • Frenchfry

    Tensai would be great if he came in as more than just a henchman. He shouldnt even need squash matches if hes just a heel anyways, just throw him right into the title picture and the heat will bring itself on.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    There's a bummer. Really hope that it's Dean Ambrose (fingers crossed)

  • ZackPack

    It better not be Morgan.

  • Jonathan L.

    There's no Matt Morgan in the cryptic video. The last close-up is of CM Punk and you hear him speaking at the end. You also see DX, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Rowdy Piper, Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, the nWo logo, one of the times Big Show was slammed on the ring and the ring collapsed.

    I do hope this is a 'Faction' that will 'Revolutionize' as a pose to 'Brock Lesnar' returning as 'Anit-Establishment' and all his 'Change" and 'Legitimacy'. I love the pairing of Lesnar/Heyman. However, something fresh is always appreciated.

  • Noah

    Ambrose FTW

  • Aldo T

    It's Dean Ambrose.. After all, it does connect and who from the 90's generation is willing to come back with WWE being PG?

    Unless of course they don't mind keeping it friendly for the kiddos.

  • Matt

    Its wwe 13.

  • Andrew

    I dont understand, and no one has answered me, DIDN'T MORGAN SIGN A 5 YEAR EXTENTION LAST YEAR?

    • eurosario

      He said in october of last year he had two years left on his TNA contract

  • Dangerous Lee

    It’s STING!

  • Chuck

    It’s the computer!!!!!!

    • Dan

      We can only hope and edge makes a one night return and beats it up again. Maybe one more match and it’s against the computer?

  • Liam

    It’s Mason Ryan

  • Kevin

    Enough Already!!!!! It's ME, ok, ME! I admit it! I can't stand all this supposition anymore! IT'S ME!!!!! LMFAO