WWE Parting Ways With Matt Striker

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WWE has decided to part ways with Matt Striker. The following is from Striker's Twitter account:

Striker transitioned from an in-ring talent to an on-screen personality in 2008 and held many roles from hosting NXT to a backstage interviewer.  He signed a WWE contract in 2005.

  • Dude

    Didnt see that coming..!

  • Lewis

    He should still be a commentator for Smackdown, bad decision taking him off it

    • Streamz

      His commentary brought a sense of realism to matches, which unfortunately there’s just no place for in WWE. Also he was the most knowledgable commentator on the business’ history, probably because he is a true die-hard fan.

  • H.M.

    Striker was a great commentator. Taking him off was a big mistake. Much rather have him than Josh Matthews, who while not terrible by any means is just too vanilla.

  • MohammadAbulawi

    wwe killed him by moving him from a Commentator to an interviewer, which he was way better at, Commentating. i would like to know why he was fired though?

    • Smart Mark

      He technically wasn’t fired, his contract just expired and didn’t get renewed.

  • Clarence Finch

    I blame global warming.

  • Dustyn

    Thats unfortunate. I really liked when he was on commentary. I liked when he hosted NXT as well. I had the chance to meet him at the end of May, here in Edmonton when WWE was in town. I met him prior to the show, he took time to talk with, take pictures, and sign autographs. The nicest wrestling star I’ve met so far. It’ll be interesting to see what he goes on to do.

    • Michael Andrew Smith

      tna tna tna

      • Nostaljack

        I sincerely hope not. They wouldn’t know what to do with him. He would be great replacing Tenay but they’d never think of that. His act is getting really old.

  • Stoney

    He was a great commentator, only got taken off just so Michael Cole could get shoved down our throats.

  • T-Zone

    Too bad, I actually liked his style of approach of calling a match. He didn’t really spout random tidbits that had no relevance to the match. Unfortunately, he didn’t gel too well with either Lawler & Cole, as they tried to act like they knew how to call a match with basic wrestling fundamentals. Nothing against Lawler. Their constant bickering tend to get old after awhile. At least Striker continued to rotate his commentary.

  • -|AZ|-

    I always thought he was a good commentator. But with the likes of JBL establishing himself in the RAW and SD brands and The Miz, Jericho and other superstars playing the roles of guest commentators, I thought this was more a business oriented decision rather than anything else…


  • Winnipeg

    Get rid of him yet keep Alex Riley & JTG? Yeah, ok!