Matt Striker Shoots On JBL, WWE Touring Saudi Arabia, Scooby-Doo Update, Punk’s Latest Gem

- Matt Striker shoots on JBL and the current indy scene in a new video posted at this link.

- WWE is coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time ever next year. The tour will be a three show loop from Green Halls Stadium in Riyadh. The dates are February 13, February 14 and February 15. Tickets go on sale on December 16, 2013 through Ticketmaster. (h/t to Wrestling News World reader Saleh for the assist.)

- The DVD for the WWE Studios film Christmas Bounty includes a trailer for the company’s upcoming animated Scooby-Doo film.

- CM Punk Tweeted the following, which is pretty hilarious:

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  • iHaveToImagine

    I like when someone or a group takes pot shots at their company. It’s daring and funny most of the times. The Simpsons, have been taking shots at Fox for years. I love it. What I don’t love is the fact that you can only take shots at the big wigs if you’re a top guy in the wwe. Punk likely won’t be punished for ragging on the app, but if Ziggler or Cesaro (not that he would) would have posted the same image, I have to imagine there would be consequences.

    • Nostaljack

      Agreed. Ziggly-puffs could never get away with that. Punk seemingly can get away with anything. LOL!!!!

      • iHaveToImagine

        ZIGGLY-PUFFS! I love it. One I like to use a lot that Idk if it will catch on is, Dr. Ziggles. It’s my personal fav.

        • Nostaljack

          I stole Ziggly-puffs from someone (can’t remember who at the moment – hopefully the steal-ee will reveal himself) so I can’t take credit. Hilarious, no?

          • Tony Rankin

            I believe it was AJ Lee when they were a storyline couple lol

  • BIG M

    Hey Richard what would you think if a WNW staff member posted something negative on twitter about the dirt sheet app because i think that would be just as hilarious.


      Answers! We need Answers Richard! Watcha gonna do brother!?

    • Kendra Bunyon

      Honestly, we respect Richard enough that if there’s an issue, we go directly to him. What does that say about Punk?

      • Clint

        that his complaints were ignored by his boss because it doesnt matter what he thinks, so he went for a public outcry, and also he is speaking for fans that have also complained about the app being pushed and while were on the topic the dirt sheet app keeps glitching on me maybe you guys can fix that, and also my ask wnw is never answered, why isnt jericho considered a viable option for takers streak, takers never beat him

        • BIG M

          Well I’m sure there not going to answer your question now Bonehead.

          • Clint

            if they dont answer for that reason then im done with this site

          • BIG M

            Well once on ask WNW I tried to voice my concerns to Richard about lowering standards here.
            Even went as far as saying his site was starting to become nothing more that a dirt sheet gossip site like TMZ.
            Well that must have gotten up Richards nose because he sent me an email from his own computer.
            He actually responded personally even if it was a sarcastic response about WNW’s APP.
            And Yet he still didn’t post my question on Ask WNW or any since.
            Now that probably means of the millions of questions he gets he can only post a select few and people complaning that there question never gets answered should try again and be patient or Richard is human and can be petty sometimes.
            My guess its both.

      • BIG M

        Well then you should consider yourself lucky you work in a company where you boss respects his employees opinion and welcomes all feedback very few people can say that (I know I can’t) and something tells me Punk or any WWE employee (with the possible exception of Triple H) would tell you they can’t either.

  • Smarky Smark

    I lol’d when I first saw it.