Matt Striker's Major NXT Announcement Revealed (NXT Spoiler)

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Matt Striker announced during this week's NXT: Redemption, the one-year anniversary edition, that William Regal is now the General Manager of NXT.

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  • iamjohnnymcb

    so nxt is a brand now??

    • Chris

      I'll be honest. I haven't been watching for months, but I was wondering what the concept was now….the bits I have caught seemed to involve no competition any more…..Is anyone ever going to get their 'Redemption'?

      • Lin

        It's looks to be a third brand, they done away with all the challenges, and several lower midcarders are over there and feuding with one and other

    • Miguel

      It can be considered like a brand beacause they have changed the intro and almost all the pros are gone, and the competition was kinda already abandoned.

    • Fernando

      It seems to me NXT has gone from a contest to a brand, I guess they'll use it as a way to acknowledge young talents.

  • jfb336

    Can anything related to NXT be considered major?

  • Jonathan

    When did NXT become a “brand”?

  • Nostaljack

    Has there every been a less-anticipated announcement in the history of professional wrestling?

  • H.M.

    Best thing to happen on NXT in a while.

  • I think it says more for the quality of NXT that I see this as a demotion for Regal.

  • Logan_Walker

    i always was

  • Wwe4L76

    Dont understand this :S wasn’t this a season where The winner would be a part of the next season? Now its a brand? LOVE William btw!

  • eddie27

    This is major?

  • @RatedMKD

    Regal to win battle of the GMs at Mania!

    • Scottyo614

      I can see it now… JTG, Titus O'Neal, Percy Watson, A-Ry and Darren Young… Team Regal lol

  • Vince

    Gm for a shit show at least regal is doing something tho they should change the concept of nxt and make it a brand like smackdown and raw for jobbers and bring bak a title

  • William

    William Regal should be GM of Raw not freakin NXT! This is ridicules!

    • Emmanster

      Your right and he was a great GM in his Raw days back in 2008.

      • Wwe4L76


  • Jaryd

    To be fair as I hadn't been watching NXT I didn't realise it was a brand as such now. I wondered why we were occasionaly seeing Curt Hawkins going about like he ran a gentleman's club

  • Adam

    Used to skip through nxt but now for the last few weeks there has been some quality matches good to watch bring bk the cruiserweight title tyson kid for champ

  • The Breaker

    I need to start watching NXT again..

  • WyFo

    It’s more like WWE Superstars 2.0

  • Alex

    Wait a second. NXT is still on? I did not know that.