Maven Says He Owes WWE His Life

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TMZ has a new update on original WWE Tough Enough winner Maven Huffman. The publication reports that after 50 days in a rehab facility, Maven has never felt better and credits WWE for saving his life.

"I owe the WWE my life for helping me through this situation." Maven told the publication

Maven was arrested in April for "doctor shopping" for trying to obtain painkillers. When WWE learned of the arrest, they offered to pay for him to go to rehab in which he accepted.

Click here for coverage by TMZ.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending the TMZ link.

  • Anand

    Nice to see wwe helping out people in need of it. Well done wwe 🙂

  • sanket

    this is for the people who think that wwe is run by a bunch of bloodsuckers…

    • dddddd

      it is. even bloodsuckers have a conscience once in a while.

    • Dangerous Lee

      They do it to make the company look good. Not necessarily because they care about the worker. Ever thought about that?

      • Chris

        Does the reason negate the effects, though? Who cares if they do it because they are nice, or because they want the company to look good, or is Vince wants brownie points to get into heaven. The fact is they ARE helping and people like Maven ARE getting better. Jeez, some of you people are all about the negativity.

  • Logan_Walker

    This is What WWE Does Because of what a Good Company it can be and what it is. TNA can't do this becuase they dont make as Much As WWE

  • Matt

    While part of their rehab offer is PR work, it’s great that these guys are getting the help they need. So good job WWE. Regardless why their doing it, their still doing it.

  • sanket

    the bottomline is wwe does NOT have to do it but they do it because they care

    • dddddd

      i doubt someone in the company was probably a good friend of maven and addressed it. im sure thats what happened..and they prolly got a nice write off for it too. lol. dont believe the hype!!!!!

  • sanket

    they even sponsored a rehab for scott hall which cost them a 6 figure amt

    • Topherrulez

      And failed too

    • Sean

      What was hall taking then?

  • burt

    Personally I'd rather the WWE put their money into hiring good writers and putting on good shows. Maven, Scott Hall, Evan Bourne, whoever, whoever else, insert next junkie here… they all make a choice to take whatever it is they end up addicted to. Their choice, their responsibility.

    • Zevex

      a good story, and good show over human life? smh…

    • Jamie

      So basically you're saying they should be satisfying your entertainment needs over peoples lives?

      • Burt


    • Jeremy

      Hmmm… a human being who cares for nothing and no one but entertainment value. You sir (or ma'am) needs to go jump over a cliff.

  • bettysteve

    nice to see a positive "fallen star" report…far nicer than the usual "check out the mugshot here" type story about similar circumstances, yeah?!

  • unknown

    this shows that even though WWE may be money grubbers that they still will look out for their former talent in time of need.

  • TheSeizureComic

    Offering rehab to former talent is SOP for the WWE. it's like a sports league mandating that its athletes do some form of community service.
    I'm like "whatever" on the policy because it smells of corporate PR. But i applaud the results. this policy might have saved Maven and Evan's lives, and would save Scott's if he could make up his mind and decide he WANTS to be saved.

    BTW, I'd love to see Maven get another crack at the WWE.

  • _JIM_

    He owes them his life? Ummm why? I’d bet that his problems with pain-killers started while he was on the WWE roster so he could keep performing while injured. Someone in Maven’s roster spot just can’t afford to take anytime off. Or they risk losing their spot and job to somebody else. It’s not like he was a headliner or even a top mid-carder that doesn’t have to worry about losing their spot as much. More power to him for getting clean, and I hope for his sake that he can stay that way, but I seriously doubt he had a pain-killer addiction prior to his run with WWE.

  • Topherrulez

    Good to see something come out of Linda McMahon’s senate run. Perhaps this is were all those millions went during the first run?.

  • thebops

    Wow. Some of you guys are cynical… What would make you happy? WWE does something good to help a former employee and that’s not good enough huh? I guess they should just close up shop and give all their money away, then life would be just grand… Oh, except you wouldn’t have any WWE to watch.