McMahon A FC Owner?, Sting Coming To WWE, Dish Drops WWE PPV, EC On WWE Network, Account Sharing Update

Are reports out of the United Kingdom about Vince McMahon being interested in purchasing the Newcastle United Football Club true?

No, there is nothing to these rumors. The rumors started a few years ago and was rehashed by the UK media. I'm not sure why the story was brought back but sources within WWE are outright denying it. The story doesn't even make logical sense as Vince is in the process of launching the WWE Network and in the midst of domestic TV negotiations. These are two issues the company is already facing enough pressure from investors, Vince wouldn't want to add another purchase to that. It'll be interesting to see if this is brought up in Thursday's conference call. I'll be on it and report everything that happens right here at

Dot com has a nice piece on Sting now online, is there any update on his status?

Ric Santos highlighted dot com's piece on Sting here at The line in there that has everyone talking is this - “He’s a true legend with a constant drive to always be one step better than the day before. His best days may still be yet to come.” The rumor is Sting is WWE bound, it's now just a question of when. Some have speculated there is no rush on a deal because Sting isn't in the plans for Wrestlemania XXX but perhaps that's what WWE wants fans to believe to use his debut as a surprise. However it happens, I'm expecting it to happen but I cannot independently confirm a contract has been signed as of press time.

Let me get this straight, I have Dish. Will I or will I not be able to purchase Elimination Chamber on PPV?

Dish Network will NOT be carrying WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday. This is a case of a satellite provider being upset over the upcoming WWE Network and deciding to screw their customers as a result. Dish has told repeated lies over the situation. When trying to make me a Dish customer on Tuesday, they told me  they would be showing it. However, they later told customers they would not be carrying it but it wasn't their decision. They told Wrestling News World reader Donald it was WWE's decision because they were launching their own streaming service. This is a lie as not only is the WWE Network not launching until the day after the pay-per-view but it was WWE's desire to leave existing pay-per-view agreements in place. Dish now says they'll continue to consider the value of WWE pay-per-views on an event by event basis. If I was a Dish customer, I'd be switching providers immediately.

Will Elimination Chamber be available for viewing the following day on WWE Network?

It was my initial understanding that WWE pay-per-views would be available on-demand on the WWE Network immediately following their live airing. However, that is obviously not possible since the WWE Network doesn't launch until 9 AM EST the day after the pay-per-view. The current rumor is the pay-per-view will not be available on the WWE Network for a month. So based on that, it doesn't look like Elimination Chamber will be available on Monday. Given what's going on with Dish Network, I hope WWE is able to get the show on the Network sooner.

Have you heard if more than one person will be able to login to the same account for the WWE Network at the same time?

This is a feature that Netflix introduced, where apparently there can be simultaneous sign-ins on the same account with a cap. The rumor is the WWE Network will allow two simultaneous sign-ins on the same account. I cannot independently confirm at this time but we'll see soon enough. However, based on the rumor, yes.

From the Ask WNW vault…

August 2013: Is this the year WWE returns to a TV-14 product, leaving the PG initiative in the dust? - WWE remains committed to their PG initiative. Do you want to see one of the reasons why? This link goes to a list of corporate sponsors WWE has attracted since going PG. Let’s also not forget WWE’s ability to market to an entire family. If the WWE Network ever gets launched I do think we could see some of the past TV-14 moments airing later at night.

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  • Bryan N.

    Nice to see Dish show their true colors. They don’t get their way, so the solution is to screw over your customer base, some of whom maybe WON’T subscribe to the WWE Network. That is a SOUND business strategy *sarcasm*

    • It’s pathetic! As stated above, I’m not a Dish customer but it infuriates me. Not just because they’re pulling the show but they’re pulling the show and lying about the reason why. But let’s not forget when they thought I was interested in signing up, they said they WERE CARRYING IT. It’s BS.

      • Richard

        Lol umad bro?

        • Furious

        • Vile and not funny.

          • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

            @richardgrey it’s probably something to do with being a business and making profits. Kind of like how you keep sneaking the old pop up ads back in when we least expect it 😀

          • I am aware there are some intrusive ads on the website and I am investigating them. Please have a little patience. Not trying to beat a dead horse but we do offer ad-free alternatives. 😉

          • disqus_HZkhbeFufx

            If you can also offer employment solutions I wil accept your ad free alternatives:)

        • Don’t you have anything better to do, troll?

          • How do you figure I’m impersonating anyone let alone Aaron Eckhart? How do you figure I’m a hypocrite? Like I said, you’re a troll.

        • Mysterion

          That’s literally disgusting. You should be f**king ashamed.

      • Venom

        It is kind of lame on their part cause by not even carrying the ppv it’s making people who were on the fence in getting the network to get it. Cause I live in canada so I can’t get it but even if I do get it it’s only for ppvs I doubt I’d be watching old stuff. Maybe I’d watch original network shows like legends house. So really bad business on DISHs part.

        It’s clearly a case of a business going on for more then 20 years starting to get outdated and could potentially go down hill. I mean look at Blockbuster going out of business thanks to Netflix.

      • Steve pritchard

        They said the same thing to me when they pulled AMC just before season three of the walking dead. Dish told me it wasn’t they’re decision , it was AMC ! It was a complete lie . As popular as walking dead and Breaking bad are . Why would they just miss out on that many viewers? I switched to direct tv immediately . You hit the nail on the head Richard . Dish network is a rip off!

  • not even a Barcelona fan

    Darn. I bet all the Geordies be wanting this.

  • Jason

    I came across this response from Dish Network on their Facebook page:

    “I apologize for the experience you’ve had. DISH will not offer the WWE Elimination Chamber PPV event that airs on 2/23. WWE has chosen to launch a 24/7 online network, without its TV partners, that includes all of its pay-per-view events. As WWE enters the increasingly fragmented media world by themselves, DISH will continue to consider the value of WWE pay-per-view on an event by event basis.”

  • David

    It would make sense they allow two sign ins at once. They advertised a “second screen experience” on shows so that would require using two devices.

  • Robert Olley

    Really wish wwe would release the network in the uk at the same time we are one of their biggest markets behind USA

    • BIG M

      Australia’s WWE market has been growing nicely the last few years and we still have to wait till next year to get the network.

  • BIG M

    I sincerely hope we get to see Sting in WWE.
    TNA just blows no matter who they have signed.

  • ldb

    thanks Richard, for answering my question. I m old school fan and would still love Sting to get to see the big time again. I hope VKM doesn’t try to destroy him if he comes.

  • Malboja

    Wonder if punk is roh bound ?
    The way they are running with Michel Bennett it would make an awesome fued for his return ….

  • Chopper

    Thank you for answering my question even though you have now upset alot of geordie work colleagues haha.

  • Scott Davies

    I think WWE will replay it during the week on the WWE network. I don’t see Vince having to be defeated by a cable provider like this & get away with it. Plus Dish would have lost a lot of money through revenue of the event. Dumb move by Dish.