McMahons Reportedly Down $500 Million Due To Plummeting Stock Price

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The plummeting stock price of WWE hasn't been easy for investors (even with someone like me with a small position currently down over 37%) but the Greenwich Time reported today Vince and Linda McMahon are down $500 million.

Critics of the McMahons have asserted they care more about winning a Senate seat than they do about their shareholders. WWE has fired back by pointing towards the horrible year by WWE Studios as the reason for their stock slide.

Click here for coverage by the Greenwich Time.

  • Patrick Peralta

    "Critics of the McMahons have asserted they care more about winning a Senate seat than they do about their shareholders"

    Excuse me but wouldn't anyone no matter who they are who goes into Politcs and tries to get a seat on the Senate wouldn't thy naturally only care about that? I don't care if it is a McMahon who who the person is but anyone in politics is going to care about it if they didn't they wouldn't be in it in the first place.

  • Logan_Walker

    Well it seems like its going to be a good inverters call this Thursday.

  • If WWE Studios is to blame for the stock slide, then shouldn't they just shut down that branch for their company?

  • Lindsay Anderson

    When are you people going to realize that this industry used to be something when the McMahons weren't so tied up about running for the Senate, so many athletes weren't into drug use, & things were half-way reasonable. Times have surely changed & it's not just the athletic world. You got political views, religious aspects, & society all around. It sucks!

    • WWEFan

      Yes all those factors have come into play but at the end of the day WWE is their primary product and they are trying to branch off into politics. Right now, their product has started taking a back seat in their long term goals and the viewers and fans are seeing the result. And as for those factors that you mentioned, they were present even before the Senate branching but at that time, with no other distractions (if I can call it that), they were able to handle it. Many fans believe that PG initiative came around because of that which may be true but if thats the case stick with it and work around those barriers to create a good wholesome product. There are several PG examples which are entertaining. The problem with PG in WWE is they cant grasp the concept so what ends up happening is that we see weird nonsensical storylines, which sometimes arent even PG (example The Rock vs Cena last year – the build up wasnt always PG).

      • Austin

        I see it as instead of WWE making up good PG storylines, They're just taking PG-14 storylines and watering them down to be PG. Which,as it turns out, isn't the most entertaining thing in the world.

  • havoc525

    The biggest downside right now is a lack of competition, which has made WWE and it’s executives a bit complacent. I have just 15 shares, debating adding a little more, if someone would compete with them maybe things would change.

  • Wwe4L76

    WWE…. Go back and focus on really good wrestling! We dont want politics, films, music etc. GIVE US SOME GOOD WRESTLING! Dont make a stupid kidshow every week!