Media Campaign Leads To Daniel Bryan Granting Wish For His Biggest Fan

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Earlier this week, Daniel Bryan got the opportunity to meet Connor, a boy battling brain and spinal cancer. In October, Connor's family uploaded a video to YouTube of Connor, a huge Bryan fan, asking to meet him, which started a campaign on radio and social media to make the meeting happen.

Bryan met up with Connor and his family prior to Tuesday's SuperSmackdown taping, and took pictures, signed autographs, let Connor put him into the No Lock, and more. Kane made an appearance as well.

Click here for more, and to view videos and photos of the heartwarming meeting, courtesy of WXPI. Bryan was interviewed prior to the meeting as well, which is viewable here.

  • Daniel

    I got a huge smile on my face when I seen this, thank you for showing it!

  • Joey

    I read an article on this about two months ago and shared it on Facebook. Great to see WWE noticed it. Stuff like this warms my heart.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Way to go Bryan…3 cheers for you to make this young fan happy and wish to come true.

  • Anand

    I am a big D-Bry fan. He is just amazing both on the mic as well as in the Ring. Just hope he gets his much deserved push at the top of the WWE…


  • Snap

    Words aren't enough to convey how awesome that was. I hope the family gets their miracle and the boy beats the cancer. It's heartbreaking to read that if the chemotherapy doesn't help, then there aren't any medical options left. Go Skull Crusher! You can beat this.

    • Snap

      My bad, I got his nickname wrong, it should be Stone Crusher, not Skull Crusher.

  • JonnyVC

    Superb, great story & great photo

  • Doug

    Love stories like this! Love the expression on D-Fry's face when he's getting the NO lock! Heartwarming way to start the day!

  • Justin

    When John Cena grants a wish I always see people dismissing it as nothing special; Bryan does it and it's a "heartwarming" moment. Typical from the IWC.

    • Joey

      I find it just as touching when John Cena grants a wish,and I find it awesome that other superstars can make a difference in someone's life as well.

    • Snap

      No, it's just as special when John Cena grants a wish. The difference here is WWE is always telling us about how many wishes he has granted in an almost bragging type of way (note, I said WWE not John Cena, from what I gather, Cena would rather the wishes had remained private) with their "Did You Know" vanity cards that almost make them seem like publicity stunts, whereas we rarely hear about any other wrestler granting wishes

      Whatever we feel about a particular wrestler's character or performance in the ring, it's great that they take the time to make such a positive impact in the lives of the fans who look up to them. I imagine it takes quite a toll on Cena realizing that some of the kids he visits aren't going to make it, yet he goes out of his way to grant as many as he can, not so WWE can exploit it but to give those children something they will likely remember for the rest of their lives.

      They're both heroes.