Michael Cole On Fox News Regarding Jerry Lawler - "It Didn't Look Good For Awhile"

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While Ric Flair had an interview with Headline New yesterday, Michael Cole appeared on Fox News's Fox and Friends show today. He discussed the moment of the collapse of Jerry Lawler and the time after where he was receiving updates to inform the viewers. The video is embedded below.

I tried to find the video on Fox New's official site, but there was no luck. Sorry for the quality of the video.

  • Joey

    Michael Cole just earned a LOAD of respect from me due to his professionalism and candor over the past three days. If what he says here is true, than he deserves all the praise. I know I would have lost it, and been like a deer in headlights had I been in his situation. Props to Cole for showing true courage and class, and helping save the lives of one of wrestling's greats.

    • Joe Jefree

      I don't know why its only taking now for Michael Cole to earn people's respect. It seems as if you guys confuse the character with the person. This is a guy who's managed to stay employed in WWE for close to 15 years, has been a reliable and flexible employee, involved in commentary, backstage interviews, wrestling matches, and some of the funniest promos of all time with The Rock. Michael Cole was never a bad commentator, and no one ever gave him a hard time until he became the "voice" for the anonymous GM. He's been here longer than Kevin Kelly, Todd Grisham, tohnathan Coachman, and I think that's commendable that he never left. It didn't take this for me to earn respect for him

      • Joey

        Whilst I agree, I personally have never knocked Cole the character or the person. I believe he plays his role to perfection, and has for the past 15 years. I'm just stating he earned alot more points with me for his actions Monday night.

    • Kevin

      I absolutely agree with you. Michael Cole THE MAN just earned my wholehearted respect for life. I still don't like Michael Cole THE CHARACTER, but that's a good thing, since his character is a heel, and I'm not supposed to like him.

    • Liam

      Michael Cole is amazing, i know people think he's stupid but he's just funny

  • Autista


  • Hardy

    Just because his character is a bit heel like at times doesn’t mean he isn’t a genuine nice human being. Hats off to Michael cole for his professionalism.

  • Batch-pz101

    Joe j that was perfectly said

  • Violet09

    Uh oh.. I sense a face turn for Michael cole now. Interesting that CM Punk is becoming a more major heel, but inappropriate to build on what he’d done with Jerry. WWE needs to get in gear to build another heel.

  • Dude love

    Im a cole´╗┐ miner now

  • DoJo

    We as fans love to hate cole, at one point he was probably the most over heel in WWE – amazing when he is only a commentator – which is a testament to how good he is at his job, a true pro!!! I personally have never had a problem with Cole or any other employee for that matter as they all play roles and the more we hate heels/cheer faces the better the worker IMHO!!!!!

  • phil

    Well espn probably showed the coach the $$ in response to that. But as far as cole goes, it looked like he was about to breakdown on raw but he kept his composure. Gotta give it to him


    the first thing i said to myself was such an admerable thing of cole to do. never lived the persona he portrays on tv but i loved the fact he kept reminding the viewers that this was in no way part of the show but someones actual life was on the line and it just brings home that it could happen to anyone.

    over in england the same thing happened to a soccer star called Fabrice Muamba. he collapsed and suffered a heart attack duing the match and was stretchered off the pitch and this brought the whole soccer community together. the same can be said with the wrestling community. not only did wwe fans come together but so did tna and other fans

  • Blake

    Respect can now be used in the same sentence with Michael cole but watch WWE is still going to make him make fun of Jerry just like Jim ross

  • Eric

    I respect Michael Cole more now then before he is a good person an a good man u earn it now keep it up

  • Matt

    I've always loved Michael Cole but after how he handled things, I can't have enough respect for him.

  • Kevin

    Agreed. But does that make VKM lose respect for the storylines he’s involved JR in? You have to look at it both ways.

  • stoney

    I loved the professionalism shown by Michael Cole on Raw, he was holding back tears

  • thebops

    Try to remember, this guy was a War Coresspondant. You don’t have to like the character (you’re not supposed to), but you can respect the man. I sure as hell do. Good luck Jerry.

  • AceV

    People are such hypocrites. It’s a shame that something serious had to happen for people to realize someone’s talent. Now everyone loves Michael cole. Or since the incident, people finally feel like its ok to get off the Michael hate band wagon. Before this incident Michael cole was always great at his job. And most people didn’t hate him cause he was heel, they hated because they felt like he was bad at his job.
    I’m glad king is ok but damn people need to live with more consistency.

    • Joe Jefree

      Couldn't have said it any better

  • Danger Moose

    Found on Fox's website. Complete and better quality.

    Respect and love to everyone involved. Prayers for the King.

  • Bryan

    I hate Michael Cole's on screen character, but on Monday night it was nice to see the REAL Michael Cole. He was obvioulsly very shook up and upset but who wasnt? I was watching at home and I got a terrible feeling watching it. But I am very impressed with Michael Cole, and like someone already said, he earned a lot of respect from me.