Michael Cole Speaks To Jerry Lawler Over The Phone, Says "Jerry Lawler Is Going To Win This"

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-Michael Cole just announced that he spoke with Jerry Lawler over the phone, which is especially notable due to the fact that Lawler was previously only able to communicate by writing on a notepad. Cole's tweets are below:

Earlier, Cole responded to the positive response he's received for his handling of the situation on Raw:

  • Ian P.

    Good news! Thanks Cole!

  • Ralphus

    GREAT news!!

  • Matt

    Excellent news and amazing to see what 12, 24 hours and then some can do for improvements. Too much fight in Lawler to stay in bed. Makes me smile

  • Mike L

    He's not the King for nothing! Get well soon Jerry!

  • Daniel

    Face turn for Cole! This is amazing!

  • Batch-pz101

    No matter how much VKM whould love to use this in a angle I can’t see him doing it. I don’t think Coles on air roll will change much. Cause when you think about it his character has seemed to me to be a little face at times and a little heel at times I can’t see it changing much from that. Maybe when lawler comes back if he does. We will most likely see a lot less of cole and Jerry bickering.

  • Batch-pz101

    Or cole does do the whole face turn and with all the stuff going on with j. Matthews he becomes the new heel at the desk. Can you say cole vs j. Matthews at wm 29 where cole will keep his wm unbeaten streak alive

    • bejealous

      I think I speak for everybody that we would all sleep fine at night if Michael Cole never wrestled again

  • Kleck

    Long live The King!

  • Ernest Bethea

    I'll agree to the point that I never want to see Cole wrestle again, but I also don't see this coming as an Angle. Jerry Lawler's condition, plus Cole's JR-like passion for getting the news updates out to us is just one reason I'm laying off of my hatred for Michael Cole.

  • Tim

    Get well soon

  • Bishop

    Amazing how a real life situation like this makes people admire Michael Cole. His character on TV is over shadowed by his true character behind the curtain. They have to exploit this version of Cole. They better not use this in a storyline though, have Punk call Cole in to the ring and carry on from there. Some things should be left untouched.

  • Lawler, hope u feel better huge WWE fan for over 24 years. Feel better we love u and our prayers are with u!!!!

  • Dustin

    I've never been a fan of Cole, I just don't think he does too good of a job on play-by-play. But after his actions, comments, and the way he has handled this ordeal, my respect for him has gone WAY WAY UP.

    Get better soon, King.