Michael Hayes' New Role In WWE; Who Is Running Talent Relations?

Michael Hayes is now in charge of booking WWE live events. John Laurinaitis used to do it as one of his responsibilities as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

Talent Relations is now run by Triple H and former LPGA golfer Jane Geddes.

  • David

    What does an LPGA Golfer know about wrestling talent?

    • Moe

      People can surprise us in this world lol.

    • the arbiter

      Actually, its not bad seeing a non-wrestler in a role like that. means they probably have far less baggage, pre-conceptions and favoritism than an ex-superstar

    • Ken

      What did Big Johnny know about anything?

      Who knows? Maybe Ms Geddes is a long time pro wrestling fan who has a great eye for these things? Time shall tell. It has a habit of doing that, time after time after time.

  • FactionZer0

    I hope to see some improvement with the booking now. It's so awful right now.