Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended After Drinking With Troubled WWE Diva

Michael Hayes was reportedly seen drinking at a bar with Rosa Mendes following a WWE event a few weeks ago and subsequently suspended as a result. The story was broke by former WWE creative writer Court Bauer on his "Bauer + Pollock #20" podcast. According to Bauer, the suspension is for a "few weeks" and Hayes isn't  going anywhere. Bauer feels had it been anyone else, he would have been fired.

Mendes has a history of alcohol problems and was sent to rehab shortly following problematic behavior on WWE's post-Wrestlemania European tour (See also - WWE Diva Sent Home From European Tour) in April.  Mendes has been back on the road for the last few weeks  after a prolonged absence and worked in the 6-Divas tag team match on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Earlier on Wednesday, I was told that Hayes was noticeably absent from TVs but wasn't given a reason as to why.

Hayes currently works as WWE's  head of road agents/producers.

You can listen to Court Bauer's latest podcast with John Pollock at this link.

  • Terrance

    Okay, Richard, you picked the best possible photo to accompany this. Kudos.

  • Ricky

    Isn’t Hayes known backstage two-faced?

  • Zorbanis

    Forgive me for not understanding WHY he was suspended. For drinking at a bar..?

    • Skip Mathias

      I second this. I don’t understand why he was suspended for drinking at a bar. Was it because he’s supposed to stay away from alcohol? Was it because it was with one of the divas? There’s something I’m missing…

      • I don’t understand it either. This is Court’s story and I believe him but I don’t understand it.

        • Daniel

          Fraternization with Talent… that’s seriously just me guessing

          • Two legal adults having a drink at a bar seems pretty normal. Sure, we can question about Rosa having a problem and maybe even Hayes himself but still… No laws were broken and unless they were making fools of themselves (thus embarrassing the company), something doesn’t add up here.

          • Steve pritchard

            I totaly agree ! Even though they both may have issues, no laws were broken. It seems like there is more to this story than meets the eye. Im not discrediting your source. I just think theres more to this than he was told.

          • Steve pritchard

            If that was the case then they should suspend punk for hanging out with aj. Or cena for dating nikki bella etc. im not sure what happened. But it seems like theres more to it than alcohol or fraternization

          • Clint

            I think it has to do more with image, because she just completed the rehab and he is taking her out to a bar

          • BigEdgehead

            Wrestlers are independent contractors. They are not employees of WWE as Michael Hayes is. Wrestlers are free to date among themselves therefore as they are not employees. Employees are not allowed to date or fraternity with talent. They both are alcoholic, her being a hot woman, him married, both well known to the public, representing the WWE. Plenty wrong here. Not to mention she was in WWE paid rehab at the time. Prob the worse offense of all.

    • Ken

      Didn’t WWE pay for her rehab?

  • Adam

    i think its because she’s had problems with alcohol in the past…. and i do have to say it’s poor form drinking with or encouraging people with drinking issues to frequent bars.

    • Steve pritchard

      I agree totaly ! But rosa is an adult and if she wants to drink she can. Hayes shouldnt encourage her but if she wants to drink i dont think theres much he could have done to stop her.

  • smark calloway

    its a work, its a storyline…when he comes back from his suspension . hayes will come down ” unannounced ” on raw with mendes by his side and cut a scathing ” worked shoot ” promo. he will bad mouth the way “business has become business”, and say that back in his day with the freebirds, “wrestlers were real men who drank and fought in bars after the matches “. a furious triple h will come to ringside to try to stop michael , but hayes will get in his face and say ” hunter is a prime example of someone who is not “one of the boys ” he has never , drank , smoked or partied. he just carried the top stars bags, and married the bosses daughter to get his way to the top .he is what is wrong with the business today. the guys today would rather, play video games or read the dirtsheets than protect the business in bars and have a good time like the legends of old. -guys like flair, harley race, the freebirds, and even andre the giant , were real men ,and todays stars cant hold a candle to them”. hunter will try to laugh it off by saying ” you mean real guys like you, michael ? who have a few drinks and think they can sing , and nearly ruin my wedding by not getting off of the stage when they are told ” . this will hit a nerve with michael and he will spit in the face of the COO before hightailing it out of the ring . a livid helmsley will ” suspend hayes indefinitely for his actions ” ” what he said and did was incomprehenceable “. hayes will apologise via wwe.com a few days later and say he realizes what he did was wrong , he wasnt thinking straight and he is sorry. HHH accepts , and says he can return to work. a week later on raw there is a main event of cmpunk vs daniel bryan. punk has the match won with an anaconda vice on bryan, but then out of nowhere . a returning sheamus hits the ring. he takes out both men and leaves them laying in the ring. and then who should come down to ringside? none other than michael hayes with rosa mendes on his arm, both of them laughing as raw goes off the air. the next week raw opens with hayes, sheamus and rosa in the ring. hayes says that “sheamus is a real man ! he is what a wrestler should be . he likes a few guinesses after the matches and will knock any man on his ass if he gets in his face..fella”..” and i had sheamus attack punk and bryan because they are whats wrong with the business today! a vegan and a straight edge..its pathetic ! they wouldnt have even been allowed to set foot into the wrestling industry back in my day ” michael then notices some special guests in the crowd. its DDP , jake roberts and scott hall . ” oh look at this” says hayes. ” this is an example of when good times go bad !. i used to hang with you guys, you used to be by by side when we chased girls, drank beers , and smoked cigars. but now look at you three. you ripped up your man cards and became sell outs, you became just like these young punks around today. you dont deserve to be around this business anymore” ! DDP tries to talk sense to michael and tell him , that he is saving lives now. he has helped scott and jake and countless others to better lives , they are productive members of society again , they are clean and healthy . hayes says that what they are is losers! they couldnt handle the party lifestyle like he can and they are and never were real men like him !. hayes than sets sheamus into them. sheamus and michael pull all 3 over the barricade and into the ring , where sheamus destroys all 3 with brogue kicks. security than rush down to ringside as hayes, rosa and sheamus run away…DDP challenges hayes, and sheamus to a match against himself , hall and jake at the next ppv. hayes respondes via twitter saying he accepts but that its not very fair a 3on 2 situation and that he has a third man who will also be involved . a video is then leaked on tout that someone filmed of hayes in a bar with sheamus and rosa and a third man . we cant make out the third man but he is a big guy . the night of the ppv comes but only 2 members of ” hayes angels ” appear. it is a back and forth match with ddp and co showing surprisingly good offence. but near the end. hayes will produce a bottle of jack daniels and hit scott hall in the head with it behind the refs back as the other two are brawling with sheamus outside the ring. there is then a huge pop as none other than kevin nash is coming to ringside. hes here to help his good buddy scott hall. he chases michael from the ring and tends to his good friend, helping him up. nash then does the unthinkable and gives hall the jacknife powerbomb! he puts his foot on to scotts chest and screams at the ref to count to 3 . he is the third man ! .the ref counts to 3 and the match is over . on raw the next night. nash has a lot of questions to answer. he is in the ring with hayes and sheamus . he says he was tired of cleaning up after hall all the time over the years…im a big guy and enjoy a wine or two but obviously scott was not a big boy and couldnt handle the mans stuff .he says he goes back years with ddp and jake and he agrees with hayes that they are no longer real men and couldnt hang with him . he also addresses triple h saying he was just the cliques bag carrier. you were just there to keep sober , drive the van and carry our bags , nothing more , nothing less. he says that he has history with cm punk too and that punk represents all that is wrong with todays product ..where are the guys who have a great match , go out and celebrate , chase some skirt and punch someone in the face ? . punk comes out ,and says ” i may not be a real man as you say , but at least i can kick a mans ass with out tearing my quad as soon as i move my legs ” . nash acts cool and says ” you wanna try me? why dont you come down here and lets go ” punk responds ” im not stupid , i didnt come alone” triple h’s ,music hits ” i think this evens things out a bit ” . hunter says that yeah he may have been a bag carrier , he may have been the cliques lacky, but he scratched and clawed his way to the top of the business and earned everything hes got . and along the way he made a friend. in fact the best friend he ever had . a friend whos also had his troubles but is now as clean as they come and who he knows does not agree with anything nash is saying. he is the one , the only …heartbreak kid shawn michaels ! michaels comes out and says he knows both nash and hunter very well. infact he taught kevin everything he knows and that kev has seen him at his worst and most troubled. hbk then says he is as happy as he can be now , hes never been happier and its a shame that some of the old guard like nash and hayes are so bitter and twisted .but he admits there is one thing that he still like to do from his past…and thats deliver some sweet chim music ! hbk, punk and hhh storm the ring . punk and hhh clean house of shaemus and hayes. and hbk delivers some sweet chin music onto nash.. .hbk, hhh and co celebrate in the ring as raw goes off the air ..a match is made on the next ppv .. hbk. hhh, cm punk vs the 3 hayes angels . but there are stipulations. if michael loses he will be fired from the wwe forever , but if hhh’s team loses then hunter will become hayes bag carrier and lacky …near the end of the match at the ppv hunter and michaels will be in the ring with nash . nash is easy pickings as shaemus is out cold from taking sweet chin music and punk is dealing with hayes outside the ring.. nash is on his knees and starts begging both hhh and hbk. ” remember the clique , remember what we used to do, remember the fun we used to have. you are my buddies. i would do anything for you. i love you man ! and he does the clique sign with his hand ” michaels and trip are thinking . they help kev up and stand in the ring, all 3 of them doing the cliques sigh to a chorus of boo’s . but then out of nowwhere as nash turns around he gets some sweet chin music , followed by a boot to the stomach and a pedigree . triple h then pins him for the 1-2-3 as a shocked and upset michael hayes starts crying at ringside . hayes is the escorted out by to security , never to return to wwe again….remember folks you heard it here first

    • Batman

      cool fanfic, bro.