Michael McGillicutty Remembers His Father, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, On The Anniversary Of His Death

"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig, died on February 10, 2003, nine years ago today. His son Michael McGillicutty took to Twitter today to reflect:

  • Jeff

    Mr perfect was one of my all time favorite wrestlers. I wish wwe would push his son!

    • Blazeking

      Well, they took the "perfection" gimmick off of Dolph. It's only a matter of time until Joe gets it. When he gets it, he better outrun The Flash with it.

  • Shaun P

    Mr.Perfect / Curt Hennig call him what you will, he was and always will be, the best. R.I.P

  • @RatedMKD

    I'd be nice if McGillicutty was getting a decent push this time next year. Regardless of whether or not they acknowledge it on TV, it'd be a nice touch to see the son of Mr Perfect holding the Intercontinental Title on the date of his 10-year anniversary.

  • Bertie

    Best wrestler to never be champion. Dolph ziggler is closest we have at moment

  • Karl

    There is no one perfect like Mr Perfect.

  • A2H

    One thing is for sure. Mcguillicutty’s spelling is far from perfect!

  • Tjones

    To see guys like him & other 2nd/3rd gen guys get’n walked on is a shame. Guys like Curt,Ted sr.,Davey Smith, & Jim Niedhart were big in their time. Give the guys following in these big foot steps a chance to show what they made of. Sad to see “bloodlines” lost because they dont have the “it” factor. RIP Curt you’ll never be forgotten.

  • Zach

    He needs a change of name, and new character. It would be nice to see bim honor his father by breaking through to at least the midcard. Not just jobber galore.

  • Matt

    Perfect raised a great kid just full of respect and ready to learn more and more. He's making his dad proud.

  • Russell Boulware

    Mr.perfect curt Henning no more comments

  • Mike

    rip mr perfect.

  • Bruce

    Who in the hell gave him that name-Mcguilicutty should be shot -why not just call him Joe Henning the son of Curt"Mr Perfect" Henning!!!!!!

    • Dufus

      Put 100% of the Blame on Mc Mahon and his village idiots.