Michael McGillicutty & Tyson Kidd Continue Their Feud On YouTube

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Michael McGillicutty & Tyson Kidd have continued their feud on NXT by creating personal YouTube channels. McGillicutty first posted a video, announcing that he will give Kidd a rematch on next week's episode of NXT, and Kidd responded with a video of his own. Both videos are embedded below:

  • jdl

    And now, finally, we have proof that not every WWE superstar should be allowed to speak. Kidd is great in the ring, but my god is he awful in that video. McGillicutty isn't much better.

    I'm all for superstars trying to follow in Ryder's footsteps, but play to your strengths, talking is not a strength for either guy.

    • Alex

      Wasn’t even that bad

    • mr shwo

      i strongly disagree with your statement

      • jdl

        You can strongly disagree all you like, doesn't make me any less correct.

  • Dave Barton

    Resuming the Hennig vs Hart feud…in a rather roundabout way.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    a low bow by Kidd… seriously he shouldn't have gone there.

  • Scottyo614

    Only way to get better is practice JDL… When you get none on tv gotta try it on your own.

    • jdl

      They can practice all they want, they're not going to improve. Some people just aren't cut out for promos, Kidd is one of them. I can't judge McGillicutty too harshly, as he's said all of ten things on TV, however I doubt he's got what it takes. Not everyone is a Jericho, not everyone is a Punk, hell, most aren't even half of Cena.

      Just look at Orton, sure he can work, sure he's got good mannerisms and his actions speak a million words… however his promos are robotic, repetitive and derivative. Why? Because, while he's not terrible on the mic, he's not all together that talented on it either. No amount of practice will bump him up to the level of the industry's best speakers, as he just doesn't have it. Orton's best promos involve him going out there, getting right to his point and then RKOing something. That's just the way he is, it's the way he's been for years, and he hasn't really improved all that much.

      Kidd, well, he's like Rey Mysterio. Rey is one of the worst promo cutters in the business, with the exception of guys like the Great Khali, he cuts the worst promos of anyone to hold a world championship in recent memory. Doesn't stop him, as Rey puts on one hell of a show in the ring. Kidd does the same, only on a lesser scale, and no amount of practice is going to improve him by any great a deal. He's a slightly less talented and less charismatic John Morrison. If Kidd needs to improve anything, it's his look, he's a tiny, scrawny, generic looking white guy. Kidd can practice his promos until hell freezes, but until he has an actual look to make him stand out and a gimmick to go with it, all the poorly delivered youtube videos in the world won't help him get better.