Michelle McCool Due "Any Day Now"; More On The Undertaker's Appearance At FCW Show

As noted earlier here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, The Undertaker and Michelle McCool are expecting their first child together. FCW President Steve Keirn, who made the announcement at a show in Tampa Wednesday night, also noted McCool was due "any day now."

The show, which featured an Undertaker meet and greet, featured proceeds going to The Angelus, a group that volunteers to raise money for handicapped children. Undertaker drew big, with over 500 fans attending at the Dallas Bull in Tampa. He greeted fans prior to the show and appeared after a Fatal 4-Way tag team match, "blowing the roof off the place."

  • tna

    anyone know if there's a video of it ?

  • Callum

    Can’t believe he is having his first child at that age!

    • Eliza

      It’s not his frist child it’s there’s together

    • Tristeza

      2nd child

    • Lisa

      He already has 3 other kids.

    • chelu671

      Taker already has a 18 year old son. you can find pictures on Google.

    • Ken

      It's THEIR first child, but not necessarily HIS first child. See the difference? Wikipedia is your friend.

    • Richard Gray

      I worded it badly. I fixed to clarify.

  • ImAwesome420

    He has three other kids just this is his first with Michelle McCool

  • quiknkold

    why is it I really want to see this turned into a 90s wrestling skit. With Michelle McCool giving birth, the lights are down and dark and theres smoke blowing. Kane is the one delivering the baby because he is the one with Doctorate, and his new Mask keeps his face protected by afterbirth. Paul Bearer doing his best Paul Bearer stuff "Oh Yes Yes Yesssss! The Son Of My Undertaker Is Born!" while cradling his urn like a baby, and the Undertaker knelt down, and he does his upturned hand pose, holding the new born baby. and the Undertaker throws his hair back and does his eye trick as fake lightning strikes outside the window.

    • Patrick Peralta

      that would be good to see if they did that Wrestling Skit.

    • Adamtrace

      Best idea ever!

    • WyFo

      His hair isn’t long enough anymore.

  • Paul

    If anyone can find and post a video that would be awesome. I think undertaker had kids with Sara didn’t he? It’s just his first with Michelle, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Kleck

    Congratulations on their first child! They must be excited!

  • Tim

    How many people need to say the same thing lol

    • Smark

      I believe he already has 2 or 3 kids….this is just his and McCool’s first as a couple

  • The arbiter

    Thats gonna be one tall lean kid with those genetics.

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, Undertaker "blew the roof off the place"? Now only if he could have "blew the fire out" before Raw on Monday

  • James

    I think he has 2 or three kids this will be his 4th but their first

  • Amberleigh01

    i cant believe this and yes undertaker has three kids with someone else but wow with michelle and there first kid holly shit!!